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Hidden Glory

The term “epiphany” is from a Greek verb meaning: "to manifest, display, show off, come suddenly into view”. Often Epiphany lessons will concentrate on Christ’s glory coming into full view. Our 2022 Epiphany season will consist of texts which take the epiphany concept to heart but with a bit of a twist. Our Epiphany theme will be: “Hidden Glory” and is a series of lessons from the Gospel of Mark where the people discover something unusual about Jesus. The one exception is the final Sunday in Epiphany, Transfiguration Sunday. Our lesson will come from Matthew and be the culmination of the study of Jesus’ hidden glory.
To view a sermon video in this series "Hidden Glory", select one of the sermon titles below:

Hall of Faith

Matthew 8:5-10

A Jesus-Astonishing Faith
You've been given a faith that astonishes Jesus, a faith that makes it possible for you to see the glory of God when you look at other Christians and even when you look in the mirror. Welcome to the "Hall of Faith."

What Amazes God?

Matthew 8:5-10

We are willing to trust Jesus with our eternities, but when we are willing to trust Him with our earthly lives - it is glorious and we will amaze even our Savior Himself.

Amazing Love

Mark 12:13-17

What could taxes possibly teach us about God's relationship with us? Plenty!

Level Up

Mark 12:13-17

What if, when it seems like there's no way to win, there's a new opportunity to see God's glory? Dig into Mark 12:13-17 and see Jesus "Level Up."

What Would Jesus Undo?

Mark 11:15-18

Whoa! Flipping over tables and benches... stopping people in their tracks... apparently Jesus was awfully passionate about something happening in the temple! He's just as passionate about what is happening in our world and our lives today. Mark 11:15-18 clues us into how we can see God's glory by asking, "What Would Jesus Undo?"

NOTE: No sermon video from Fort Atkinson this week due to technical difficulties with the recording.

Amazing Rescuer

Mark 6:45-52

Life's storms - we all have them.
There is no better solution than to place our problems in God's hands and allow Him, in His wisdom and love, to send the kind of rescue we need.

StorMe See

Mark 6:45-52

When the Storm Hits...
Sometimes there's a force against you making it nearly impossible to move forward. Sometimes the wind is so strong it feels like you're going to break. But in these moments you can ask, "What does God, in this storm, want me to see?"

Amazing Offender

Mark 6:1-3

Jesus can be offensive... in the best way!

With His words and actions, Jesus can be offensive to us. Through faith, however, we see the beauty of who He is and what He does for us!

Warning: Awkward Moment

Mark 6:1-3

"Life is one big awkward situation. The more you embrace it, the better it will be."
Okay, that may just be a goofy life motto that Pastor A lives by. Yet, Mark 6:1-3 can help us see the beauty of embracing the "Warning: Awkward Moment."

Amazing Mercifier

Mark 5:18-20

So Merciful!
As amazing as it would be to see Jesus drive out a demon, what is even more amazing is the mercy that He showed and continues to show us today!

When Pigs Fly

Mark 5:18-20

Impossible.... Almost
We might feel like we're beyond repair or like we'll never break free, but Jesus came to show us what happens "When Pigs Fly."

Amazing Healer

Mark 2:8-12

As we wrestle every day with being sinners in a sinful world, Jesus comes and says "I have the cure and I want to heal you". But it doesn't start with our legs, it starts with our hearts. He came to forgive all of our sins.


Mark 2:8-12

As good as that was... what if there's more?

All those special ways that God comes through for us now are little glimpses of the healing that is to come!

Amazing Teacher

Mark 1:21-28


When Jesus teaches, it's absolutely amazing! Pastor Krause takes us to an event recorded in Mark 1:21-28 where everyone is blown away by Jesus as He teaches. This lesson kick-starts our new Epiphany series "Hidden Glory." It may not always be easy to see, but when we're tuned in, we can see the glory of Jesus again and again.

Power. Authority

Mark 1:21-28

Jaw Dropping

Jesus isn't just any teacher. He's the Key Piece to all the Scriptures. He gives the meaning and purpose to our lives. With that kind of authority comes real power. This lesson launches our new Epiphany series, "Hidden Glory." It might always be that easy to see, but when we're tuned in, we'll see Jesus' glory again and again.