Life Events

If you would like help with pre-planning a life event for youself or a family member, here are some helpful guidelines prepared to assist you.
As you're celebrating the birth of a new baby or the birth of a new faith you'll also want to start planning a baptism.  Baptisms can take place during worship services or privately. Please CONTACT US to check on available dates and request a baptismal information form. 
We know that wedding planning is a lot of work! So to give you a jumpstart on the service planning process we've put together a pre-planning wedding guide. The guide does not dictate exactly how a service should go but gives some suggestions and ideas to get you started. Let the Pastor who is performing your wedding know if you have any questions.

Funerals & Memorial Services
The passing away of a loved one is never easy for family members. Abiding Shepherd and our pastors are here to assist families during this difficult time. As a way of easing the burden when the time of mourning a loved one comes, we've put together a pre-plannig funeral guide. You can choose the Scripture lessons, hymns and other details regarding how you're family will be comforted at your Funeral or Memorial Service.