Thanks for checking out Abiding Shepherd! As you're learning about us, we should probably be up front about something.... 

Abiding Shepherd is not a perfect church. It's not a perfect church because no one who goes here is perfect.

Everyone here:
- has a story
- has baggage
- struggles
- is weak at times
- fails

But where we are less than perfect and fail to measure up, our God is always perfect and never fails.

In Jesus we find:
- purpose
- meaning
- clarity
- justice
- forgiveness
- freedom
- hope

We'd love to help you find these things as well. So please take some time to watch an ARCHIVED SERMON, join us via LIVESTREAM, peruse some BIBLE STUDIES and NEWSLETTERS or even join us in person for WORSHIP. You won't find any perfect people. But you will encounter our perfect God.