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Speaker: Pastor Clark Schultz

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Jesus, The Friend Who Gives...

Matthew 11:28-30

When you're weary because it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you can find rest in "Jesus, the Friend Who Gives..."

God Exalts the Humble

James 4:7-12

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

It's often the little things that really make all the difference. The little things begin with humility.

1) Biblical submission is not about being less valuable than another. It's about willfully submitting yourself to the direction of another.
2) There are little things that will creep into our hearts and take a position that belongs to God.
3) God didn't leave us alone to fight the battle in our hearts.
4) Jesus entered the game to be our substitute. Through His life, death and resurrection now no matter what your position, you matter.
5) God has made you valuable so now you can go and make a difference in someone else's life