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Turning Points

The theme for our Trinity lessons this year is “TURNING POINTS”. This study will offer us a look at some of those moments in scripture when a person (or people) had a choice that would not only determine what happened next, but for many of them the rest of their lives.

The premise which leads to this study is based on some of the life-lessons we learned in our “This New Life” Easter series. Having been sanctified by means of the resurrection, we are empowered to make Godly choices according to the Spirit’s gift of faith. However, having that ability does not always guarantee we make the right choices. This study is meant to show us both the blessings and consequences of our choices, and God’s love for us in both.

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Deuteronomy 1:22-24

The plans we have are no longer based around fear but around a sure and certain hope!

What Did I Do?

Numbers 20:9-11

If you're looking for freedom and confidence today, ask yourself...
"What Did I Do?"

Our Real False god (CG)

Exodus 32:1-4

Things we pursue for security's sake, like money, entertainment - or even family, can mask who we are. But God offers us a different covering - the white robe of righteousness. It doesn't cover who we are, but fundamentally changes who we are inside.

Our Wisdom, God's Wisdom, and the Wisdom of Others

Exodus 18:24-26

Throughout the Bible God redirects us from our own wisdom to seeking His wisdom. As soon as we look outside of ourselves we see that Jesus has risen, the tomb is empty and our eternity is secure.