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Speaker: Pastor Nathanael Abrahamson

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The Living Room

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

It reshapes how you see yourself, your life and the world around you when you learn what God sees as "The Living Room."

The Heartbeat of God

Luke 13:34-35

Wherever you find yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually today, there is One who is everything you need. Listen closely and hear "The Heartbeat of God."

When God Calls You Out

Romans 6:4

There's already been a funeral for that. You can leave it behind and step into what's ahead "When God Calls You Out."

A Change in the Air

Acts 20;24

Do you feel that? Something's different. Something is happening. It's impacting you and transforming how you live. Dig into Acts 20:24 and tune into "A Change in the Air."

Building a Better Life

Acts 5:20

Have you noticed all the new construction? There's new growth all over the place! That's because the risen Jesus is "Building A Better Life."


Ezra 9:9

When life turns up the heat and keeps coming at us, sometimes it can start to feel like hope is lost. Yet, when we dig into Ezra 9:9 in light of the resurrection, we can see that Jesus has given us a life that really is "Unstoppable."

New View

2 Corinthians 5:17

Does it seem like Easter has made you new, or do things seem the same? Whether we see it in the moment or not, the resurrection really has made you new and as we dig into 2 Corinthians 5:17 we can gain a "New View."

To Be Alive...

Matthew 16:24-27

Just because you're breathing, it doesn't mean you're really living. The Resurrection doesn't just mean that we'll breath again, but it makes it possible for us truly "To Be Alive..."

Now Serving

Luke 22:14-27

What and who are "Now Serving" can literally give you new and renewed life. Learn how by digging into Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples as recorded in Luke 22:14-27.

The Heart of it All

Mark 1:3-9

Are you really hearing what it is that changes EVERYTHING? Dig into Mark 14:3-9 and get to "The Heart of it All."

The Invitation

Luke 14:1-14

What are they all about - this lesson, our worship, our lives as Christians? Dig into Luke 14:1-14 and embrace "The Invitation."

Deep Clean

Luke 11:37-54

You might be looking good on the outside but how are things on the inside?
It's harder to look deep within but it's what matters most. Thankfully, Jesus brings us the "Deep Clean."

Ear to Ear

Luke 10:38-42

What you hear can have such an impact on you. But what's going on inside of you can have such an impact on what you hear. Jesus is speaking words of life to us and it makes all the difference "Ear to Ear."

What Is He Thinking?

Luke 7:36-50

Do we ever really grow out of caring about what others think of us?
Whether it's the thoughts others have about us, the thoughts we have about others or the way we think about ourselves, there are much better thoughts that come from someone far greater for us to consider. Ask yourself, "What Is He Thinking?"

Reclaimed - Resetting the Table

Matthew 9:10-13

Jesus is not afraid to be associated with anyone or anything. He meets you right where you are and them right where they are. He came that we might be reclaimed by how He's resetting the table.

Dying to Live

John 12:23-26

It's not about beating yourself up or sitting in sadness. It's about life. Embrace what the season is all about and see how in Jesus we are "Dying to Live."

Not as Far as You Might Think

John 14:1-11

When you're nowhere near where you want to be, feeling confused, disappointed, sad, angry or wondering what you did wrong, Jesus has some good news for you....
...what you're longing for is "Not As Far as You Might Think."

Your Attention Please

Matthew 16:5-12

Yes it takes some thought, but once you realize what's been going on in your mind and in your heart and turn your attention to the One who changes it all, it's completely worth it! Jesus is calling for "Your Attention Please."

People Perspective

Matthew 13:47-51

Everyday and every interaction can be completely changed when you have this "People Perspective."


John 1:47-51

When you're in a place where you might least expect it, you can see Jesus!

Light vs Dark

Luke 7:18-23

When we find ourselves in dark places, God's answer may not be easy...
but it is powerful when we see in Jesus "Light vs Dark."

The Road Before You

James 4:13-17

This new year, truly embrace what God has placed on "The Road Before You."

The Christmas Spirit

Luke 1:34-47 & 67; Luke 2:25-27

Whether you feel it or not, the same Spirit that was at work in the first Christmas story is at work in you today. You have the Christmas Spirit!

The Coming King

Revelation 22:20-21

It might all look the same, but life really has changed because of "The Coming King."

Seize the Day

2 Peter 3:10-14

Embracing that Day transforms how you live today! Dig into 2 Peter 3:10-14 and see how God would have you truly "Seize the Day!"

Rescue Realized

Isaiah 51:4-6

We are a people and a world in need of rescue. Thankfully Jesus came to do exactly that! Dig into Isaiah 51:4-6 and embrace "Rescue Realized"

Because of Your Love

John 21:15-19

Jesus is calling you today. You can confidently respond, "Yes, Lord, I will follow, because of Your Love."

Why? Say Thank You!


Saying "thank you" is more than just practicing good manners. It makes a real impact! Learn "Why? Say Thank You!"

Light Switch

Matthew 27:44, Luke 23:40-42

When you're in the dark where it seems like God is absent and not doing anything good, everything can change with the "Light Switch."

The Search

Mark 8:11-13

You may not find what you've been looking for...
but you can find what you need. Look to Jesus in "The Search."