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Speaker: Pastor Nathan Krause

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Love Lives Forever (FA)

1 John 2:15-27

Wouldn't today be a beautiful day if you shared with the people around you the one thing that not only touches our hearts, but makes this life and the next worth living? One thing will do that. The kind of love, God's love, that will last forever!

Love Is Meant to be Lived (CG)

1 John 2:9-14

Givers of light and love. That's our role. How do we get started? By receiving light and love from God Himself!

Love Hates Lies (FA)

1 John 2:1-8

God wants you to love the world, not for it's lies... but because you know the truth, and the world desperately needs it!

Love Lives in the Light (FA)

1 John 1:5-10

"Lord, bring me into Your light, that I might experience Your life and Your love!"

Love Means Returning to Dust

Genesis 3:17-19

The one thing you probably never thought to repurpose....

Watch this year's Ash Wednesday message to learn how God repurposed death because "Lent Means Love."

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Honor and Glory

2 Peter 1:16-18

You are invited to participate in God's glory, not just in the future, but today! See what this glory looks like with a Transfiguration message from 2 Peter 1:16-18.

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Discipleship

John 17:10b

Salvation isn't the end. It's the beginning! Learn how Jesus' glory is revealed in us, His disciples!

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Prophecy

John 12:37-38

Sometimes we might wonder, "Where's the proof? Where's the evidence?" Listen closely to the Word of God and you will hear every prophesy and promise fulfilled!

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Judgement

Luke 10:21

May the Holy Spirit keep us from making false judgements as we look at others, that we may be filled with His power to share God's message of love.

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Miracles

John 2:11

The miracle of faith gives us our life back! Count your miracles!

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Baptism

John 1:29-34

The more we recognize the Glory of Christ, the more we'll come to realize and appreciate that God's glory is meant to shine in our hearts! We begin the Epiphany season by seeing "Jesus' Glory Revealed in Baptism."

Echoes of Christmas

Genesis 3:15

What does Eve's temptation have to do with Christmas? God wants our affections directed away from false gods that make us happy for the moment to focus on Him, His love. He wants to give us a new heart this New Year.

A Big Promise

Daniel 9:20-26a

God paid attention to every detail when He fulfill His promise to send a Savior. If He kept this big promise, know that He will keep all of His promises - to give us courage, to not let us fall, to guide us and to love us. Now and in eternity.

You Promised to Guide Me

Proverbs 6:20-22

When you feel lost, you can move forward knowing that God promised "To Guide Me."

To Not Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

Our Big God doesn't just want us to trust Him with the big things. We can have faith that our Big God will come through in the everyday little things too!

Courage (Fort Aktinson)

Isaiah 41:10

There is so much that the world is throwing at us. But in the face of it all, God, "You promised to give me courage!"

Not Thankful, Thankful

Proverbs 30:7-9

Are there times in your life where you are not thankful? Maybe we all need a change in perspective!

Nobody, Everybody, Somebody

1 Corinthians 15:7-8

Ever feel like you're nobody, because you listen to the devil, the world or even what goes on in your own head? God's grace says you are His child, the empty tomb confirms His love for you! You ARE somebody!

Prison Break

Acts 12:13-17

It's time to break out of prison... the prison of fear!

Reformation or Transformation

2 Kings 22:1-2

From the beginning, God has always wanted our hearts!

Be Extraordinary

Judges 3:31

Now, restored by Your gift of faith, lead us to be so much more than the world tells us, or than we often tell ourselves. Make us warrior champions who, with Your authority, speak Your powerful truth to those who need it.

Sometimes Lonely, but Never Alone

2 Timothy 1:16-18

People are feeling more disconnected than ever before. Thankfully, while you may sometimes feel lonely, you're never alone!

You Can't Cancel Real Truth

1 Kings 22:28

God asks us to speak His truth with a loving and compassionate heart, much like our Savior did. His truth gives us life, it offers meaning and purpose to our lives and is meant to be shared with others.

Making a Difference

Mark 14:12-16

God designed us - recreated us through the gift of faith - to be in a helpful relationship with others, to make a difference in their lives. Not for fame or glory, but to show the love of Christ.

All In a Day's Work

Exodus 35:30-35

Reminder: You are truly amazing! God created you with a purpose for a purpose!

Overcoming Fear

Acts 9:10-16

We all know what it's like to be afraid. Thankfully, God makes it possible for us to be victorious "Overcoming Fear."

Reckless Love

Jeremish 38:7-9

Before Jesus showed us the greatest example of reckless love by submitted Himself at the cross, He showed us how to love by running to sinners and the unclean instead of avoiding them.

Second Chances

Acts 2:42

The Holy Spirit has blessed us with faith, but spiritual apathy is a killer. Are we going to live our faith or let it die? Praise God, every day He offers us a second chance!

The Other Judas

John 14:22

What if what you thought you knew was all wrong? Thankfully God is able to open our eyes to see Jesus clearly, like He did with "The Other Judas."

Life or Death (You Choose)

Exodus 1:16-18

There may be a time where you are faced with the challenge of laying down your life for another.If that time comes, remember, you are so valuable to God that He chose you!