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Lent Means Life

Last year our Lent theme was “Lent Means Love”. Moving on from that this year our theme will be similar - ”Lent means Life”. We will be reviewing various sections of the gospels and epistles which teach us how God brings life from death. Last year, as a result of coming out of the pandemic and based on the shifting schedules of our members, we instituted a new way of observing Lent. Rather than following the traditional practice of midweek Lenten services, we shifted to services on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and then in the other six weeks of Lent we provided daily devotionals. If you would like to receie the Lent Devotions via email, register HERE.

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Now Serving

Luke 22:14-27

What and who are "Now Serving" can literally give you new and renewed life. Learn how by digging into Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples as recorded in Luke 22:14-27.

Dying to Live

John 12:23-26

It's not about beating yourself up or sitting in sadness. It's about life. Embrace what the season is all about and see how in Jesus we are "Dying to Live."

The Value of Death

John 12:23-26

Whether the calendar says Valentines Day or Ash Wednesday, we can celebrate the true holiday of God's love and how He brings value to death in order to give us our lives back!