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Turning Points

The theme for our Trinity lessons this year is “TURNING POINTS”. This study will offer us a look at some of those moments in scripture when a person (or people) had a choice that would not only determine what happened next, but for many of them the rest of their lives.

The premise which leads to this study is based on some of the life-lessons we learned in our “This New Life” Easter series. Having been sanctified by means of the resurrection, we are empowered to make Godly choices according to the Spirit’s gift of faith. However, having that ability does not always guarantee we make the right choices. This study is meant to show us both the blessings and consequences of our choices, and God’s love for us in both.

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Because of Your Love

John 21:15-19

Jesus is calling you today. You can confidently respond, "Yes, Lord, I will follow, because of Your Love."


John 21:20-23

When you come to those turning points where you can either follow your own will or God's, may you submit your will to His, stay focused on what Jesus has done for you and be with Him!

Sometimes the Old Ways are Best

Exodus 23:16

Saying "thank you," from the heart, is not just the old way, it's God's way!

Why? Say Thank You!


Saying "thank you" is more than just practicing good manners. It makes a real impact! Learn "Why? Say Thank You!"

Light Switch

Matthew 27:44, Luke 23:40-42

When you're in the dark where it seems like God is absent and not doing anything good, everything can change with the "Light Switch."

We Yearn for What will Be

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

How do we deal with grief? What about anxiety as we face death? We look to the hope only found in Jesus, our great Healer and Comforter!
Guest Preacher, Prof. Joel Russow at our Fort Atkinson campus

I Need a Sign

Mark 8:11-13

The only sure thing we can count on is God's word. We don't need to stress out looking for signs. Jesus has already given us everything we need!

The Search

Mark 8:11-13

You may not find what you've been looking for...
but you can find what you need. Look to Jesus in "The Search."


Mark 10:48

Jesus, who has the power to do what we need, also has the heart to do it for us. He gives to us His miracle of mercy.

What Do You Need?

Mark 10:48

You need help. What's holding you back from asking? Jesus is right here asking you, "What do you need?"

Have You Heard Enough?

John 6:66-69

When you're finding yourself confused or discouraged in your faith, remember what Jesus has said, remind yourself of what He has done and ask yourself, "Have You Heard Enough?"

No Turning Back

John 6:66-69

Once you know the truth of God's Word, you know that it's not only worth dying for, but living for!

Followers of Christ Have Powerful Allies

2 Kings 6:8-17

No matter what is happening in our lives and in our world, Jesus wins - through His life, through His death and through His resurrection! And because He wins, we win!

Jesus Heals a Short Man

Luke 19:8

May God empower us to tell everyone we can that Jesus is waiting to come into their hearts and homes - just like Jesus did for this short man.

Crying Your Heart Out

Luke 7:37-38

What's that around your heart? Sometimes we put up a barrier around our heart that keeps the Gospel message from really sinking in, transforming us and flowing into our lives. Thankfully, Jesus meets us right there and reminds us of how beautiful it can be to "Cry Your Heart Out."

Meditating on God's Word

Psalm 1

Guest preacher Pastor Charles Degner takes us through a study of Psalm 1.

Obstacle or Opportunity?

John 4:9 & 19-20

In a world that loves to hate, only Jesus is able to build a bridge of love between God, us and each other!


John 4:9 & 19-20

Some questions come from a place of feeling distant from God. When these questions are brought to Jesus, His answers can change everything!

Finding the Courage to be Honest with Ourselves

John 2:13-25

We often allow our hearts and lives to be ruled by fear. Don't just live, forgetting Who made us alive. Find the courage to truly live and enjoy the blessings He gives us. Live the truth and share that truth with the world.

The Power to Change

John 3:1-9

Uncomfortable? Yes. Difficult? Probably. Worth it? Absolutely! Dig into John 3:1-9 where we gain insight to embrace and recognize "The Power to Change" in our lives.

Overflow - Living Out the Blessings of God

Malachi 3:6-12

Want to find out just what God can do with your life? Trust Him with it!

Robbing God or Robbing Ourselves?

Malachi 3:6-12

It's not really about what's been in our hands, but what is in our hearts.

Believers are Willing to Say Hard Things

Matthew 18:15-20

We're willing to say those hard things because of God's love for us and ultimately for His glory!

Blended - Good Things Gone Wrong

2 Kings 18:20

Even good things can turn into a mess. Thankfully, Jesus sets everything right when life gets blended and good things have gone wrong.


2 Chronicles 10:8-11

Making Decisions can be awfully hard! Not only do we struggle to know the best choice, but our minds are naturally mastered by some destructive influences. Thankfully, we have a God Who has overcome the sinful mind and has already begun to rewire the way we think and approach decisions!

Smarts or Hearts - Making Better Decisions

2 Chronicles 10:8-11

Decisions not only have a major affect on us but on those around us. It makes sense then that we'd want to find the most efficient way to make Godly decisions. It turns out it's not either or. It's smarts and hearts.

Don't Drink the Poison

1 Chronicles 21:1-2

It's destroying you... and you don't even know it. There's something subtle but deadly going on in our lives. Thankfully, God's Word not only reveals the danger but meets us with the solution. We can embrace life when we hear God say, "Don't Drink the Poison."

Life Is a Battle, Fight!

1 Chronicles 21:1-2

Instead of sinful pride, replace it with Godly confidence, thanking Him for our gifts and talents, and for those things which we, by His grace, accomplish in this life.

Catching Fire

1 Chronicles 13:12-14

Dangerously Good & Powerful. A fire can be dangerous, not because it's inherently bad but because it's so good and powerful. What could happen to our lives when, through Jesus, we encounter our ultimately good & powerful God?

Is God to Blame?

1 Chronicles 13:12-14

The Blame Game comes naturally for us. Thankfully, because of Jesus, we're free to respect God, practice our faith and leave the blame game behind!