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Turning Points

The theme for our Trinity lessons this year is “TURNING POINTS”. This study will offer us a look at some of those moments in scripture when a person (or people) had a choice that would not only determine what happened next, but for many of them the rest of their lives.

The premise which leads to this study is based on some of the life-lessons we learned in our “This New Life” Easter series. Having been sanctified by means of the resurrection, we are empowered to make Godly choices according to the Spirit’s gift of faith. However, having that ability does not always guarantee we make the right choices. This study is meant to show us both the blessings and consequences of our choices, and God’s love for us in both.

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Finding the Courage to be Honest with Ourselves

John 2:13-25

We often allow our hearts and lives to be ruled by fear. Don't just live, forgetting Who made us alive. Find the courage to truly live and enjoy the blessings He gives us. Live the truth and share that truth with the world.

The Power to Change

John 3:1-9

Uncomfortable? Yes. Difficult? Probably. Worth it? Absolutely! Dig into John 3:1-9 where we gain insight to embrace and recognize "The Power to Change" in our lives.

Overflow - Living Out the Blessings of God

Malachi 3:6-12

Want to find out just what God can do with your life? Trust Him with it!

Robbing God or Robbing Ourselves?

Malachi 3:6-12

It's not really about what's been in our hands, but what is in our hearts.

Believers are Willing to Say Hard Things

Matthew 18:15-20

We're willing to say those hard things because of God's love for us and ultimately for His glory!

Blended - Good Things Gone Wrong

2 Kings 18:20

Even good things can turn into a mess. Thankfully, Jesus sets everything right when life gets blended and good things have gone wrong.


2 Chronicles 10:8-11

Making Decisions can be awfully hard! Not only do we struggle to know the best choice, but our minds are naturally mastered by some destructive influences. Thankfully, we have a God Who has overcome the sinful mind and has already begun to rewire the way we think and approach decisions!

Smarts or Hearts - Making Better Decisions

2 Chronicles 10:8-11

Decisions not only have a major affect on us but on those around us. It makes sense then that we'd want to find the most efficient way to make Godly decisions. It turns out it's not either or. It's smarts and hearts.

Don't Drink the Poison

1 Chronicles 21:1-2

It's destroying you... and you don't even know it. There's something subtle but deadly going on in our lives. Thankfully, God's Word not only reveals the danger but meets us with the solution. We can embrace life when we hear God say, "Don't Drink the Poison."

Life Is a Battle, Fight!

1 Chronicles 21:1-2

Instead of sinful pride, replace it with Godly confidence, thanking Him for our gifts and talents, and for those things which we, by His grace, accomplish in this life.

Catching Fire

1 Chronicles 13:12-14

Dangerously Good & Powerful. A fire can be dangerous, not because it's inherently bad but because it's so good and powerful. What could happen to our lives when, through Jesus, we encounter our ultimately good & powerful God?

Is God to Blame?

1 Chronicles 13:12-14

The Blame Game comes naturally for us. Thankfully, because of Jesus, we're free to respect God, practice our faith and leave the blame game behind!

Beat Your Chest in Confession

Luke 18:9-14

There are times in our live when we have to say "My bad!" What comfort to know that we have a God who has mercy on us and sent His Son to live the perfect life we couldn't.

Contribute or Commit?

Ruth 1:16-17

May the Lord help us to treasure all the people in our lives - to do far more than simply be passive actors in the lives of others. May He help us to commit ourselves – first to Him and then to each other.

Like Father, Like Son

Romans 5:12-19

Seminary student Skyler Hepler brings us the message from our Fort Atkinson campus. Born with the inherited sinful nature of Adam, God's grace through Jesus Christ, overflows to cover every sin we commit.

Rise to Your Role

Judges 4:8-9a

Every day we face a turning point. Step forward in faith and see how God can bless you in this life before He hands to you the gift of eternal life - be encouraged to rise to your role.

Moldy Bread

Joshua 9:14-15

Trust God and His Word when making decisions. Everything the world offers is just moldy bread.

Survival Skills

Joshua 9:14-15

The Enemy Doesn't Always Look Like the Enemy. It may look harmless, but the enemy might actually be settling in right next to you. Detect the enemy. Take hold of the victory through Jesus and embrace your "Survival Skills."

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Deuteronomy 1:22-24

The plans we have are no longer based around fear but around a sure and certain hope!

The Right Question

Deuteronomy 1:22-24

Trade the negative of fear for the positive of faith!

Jesus, The Friend Who Gives...

Matthew 11:28-30

When you're weary because it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you can find rest in "Jesus, the Friend Who Gives..."

What Did I Do?

Numbers 20:9-11

If you're looking for freedom and confidence today, ask yourself...
"What Did I Do?"

Our Real False god (CG)

Exodus 32:1-4

Things we pursue for security's sake, like money, entertainment - or even family, can mask who we are. But God offers us a different covering - the white robe of righteousness. It doesn't cover who we are, but fundamentally changes who we are inside.

Our Real False god (FA)

Exodus 32:1-4

Some masks & coverups are fun. Others are damaging.

Our Wisdom, God's Wisdom, and the Wisdom of Others

Exodus 18:24-26

Throughout the Bible God redirects us from our own wisdom to seeking His wisdom. As soon as we look outside of ourselves we see that Jesus has risen, the tomb is empty and our eternity is secure.

Using Good Judgement


Moses received wise counsel from his father-in-law in today's study of Exodus 18:24-26. Pastor Krause directs us to Solomon and the Book of Proverbs for some guidance in making good decisions.

Practice Makes Perfect

Exodus 14:10-12

Don't look at the new problem as something you can't deal with. Recognize it as an opportunity to practice trusting God because "practice makes perfect"!

What To Do When Faith Fails?

Exodus 14:10-12

For when there's an enemy coming after you and an apparent dead end in front of you... Here's "What To Do When Faith Fails."

In My Hands

Genesis 39:6b-10

God has entrusted you with some incredible gifts. Ask yourself, what am I going to do with what God has placed, "In My Hands?"

Live Courageously in Christ

Genesis 37:1-10

God is greater than our hearts. God is greater than our burdens. Live courageously in Christ! Guest Pastor Prof. Joel Russow shares a message from Genesis 39:6b-10.