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You Promised (Advent Series)

Advent is a time we contemplate the times Jesus has come for us, or will come again for us. The three comings (advent means “to come) are: the first time Jesus came to this earth as our blood brother, the time He came to Jerusalem to offer the sacrifice of His blood to cover our sins, and the final time He will visibly come to take us to heaven where we will live in glory.
So that we do not fall into any same-old-same-old habit of taking the advent season for granted (unfortunately over the years advent has turned into pre-Christmas and has lost a bit of its meaning), we will be using a special sermon series entitled “YOU PROMISED”. Since our faith is built on the promises of God, and we wait with eager anticipation for Jesus’ final promise to be fulfilled, our study will focus on four everyday promises Jesus has made to us. As He fulfills these “smaller” promises we long for the day He keeps His “big” promise to us.

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You Promised - Love

Psalm 55:22

In the hard moments.... when it feels like too much....
...that's when love does it's best work. You can cast it all to God, because He has promised you "Love."

You Promised to Guide Me

Proverbs 6:20-22

When you feel lost, you can move forward knowing that God promised "To Guide Me."

Faith: That You Won't Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

When the path of life is shaky or there's danger around you....
...remind yourself, I can look to the One who has promised me "Faith: That You Won't Let Me Fall."

To Not Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

Our Big God doesn't just want us to trust Him with the big things. We can have faith that our Big God will come through in the everyday little things too!

Courage (Cottage Grove)

Isaiah 41:10

When you're afraid to move forward....
or don't know what to do....
...there's God, who has promised to give you "Courage."

Courage (Fort Aktinson)

Isaiah 41:10

There is so much that the world is throwing at us. But in the face of it all, God, "You promised to give me courage!"