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Godly Values for New Life

Beginning with Easter sunday and continuing through the Easter season of the church year, we will look at lessons in the New Testament on the value of such things as faith, family and forgiveness to name a few topics. To view a sermon video in this series "Godly Values for New Life", select one of the sermon titles below:

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The Value of Fear


A Fear That Transforms Your Life
When we live with the fear that God gives us, it gives significance, power, boldness and so much more to our lives. Spend some time in Hebrews 12:28-29 and take hold of "The Value of Fear."

The Value of Forgiveness (CG)

Colossians 3:12-14

Christ died on the cross so every one of our sins could be forgiven and to give us the ability to let go of the sins others have committed against us. There is only one way to be truly happy, truly free - practice the godly virtue of forgiveness.

The Value of Forgiveness (FA)

Colossians 3:12-14

There's a bridge we often need to cross in order to really embrace life with other Christians, that bridge is forgiveness.

The Value of Friendship

Luke 3:31-35

Friends... For Life!
We all want to live well. That means, we all need friends! Dig into Luke 7:31-35 to see just what God gives us through "The Value of Friendship."

The Value of Family

Mark 3:31-35

Messy Family? Join the Club! Your family is probably messy, just like every other family. When once again family is complicated or even painful, you can find comfort in knowing that Jesus has redeemed family because He has made us God's family!

The Value of Fellowship

Hebrews 10:19-25

The Holiest Place on Earth. Because of Jesus, we are clean, pure and holy. So when Christians come together, it is a gathering of the presence of Holy God. The momentum of our world today is moving toward isolation. But God created us for community and connection. He wants us to know "The Value of Fellowship."

The Value of Faith

Matthew 21:18-21

Move, mountain, move!
When Jesus died and rose again, the biggest mountain we all face was thrown into the sea. When the Spirit gave us faith, the stone was rolled away from our hearts. We get to live a new life. Get ready to see those mountains move!

Easter People - The Value of 40

Luke 24:44-53

You're Different Now
On Easter we don't just remember an event that happened long in the past or something we're looking forward to happening in the future. Easter means that you are being transformed right here today. Because of Jesus' resurrection, we are now "Easter People."

The Value of 40?

Acts 1:1-3

On Easter morning, Jesus did not just defeat death - He conquered life! Let's live like our lives are just beginning.