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Now I See

This Epiphany series begins Sunday, January 10, 2021 and continues until Lent.
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It's the Little Things

Matthew 17:24-27

The next big thing might be really little!

Most people focus on the big things in life. Things like birthdays, anniversaries, even Valentine's day. But the little things matter just as much, sometimes even more. If you don't believe me then try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.

Often, we want God to show up in big ways. We want big changes, and even bigger miracles. However this week we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday by going in a completely different direction as we study Matthew 17:24-27.

This Doesn't Look Right

Matthew 17:24-27

See How Things Have Changed!
God often works in ways that seem odd or surprising because He is making things different for us! We get to open our eyes and see how things have changed!
1) Sometimes church can just look like a place we go to and our faith can feel like an obligation. But that's not what God has in mind.
2) When Jesus did miracles He always did what He came to do, undo something broken by sin.
3) Jesus went to the cross in order to give us the inheritance that comes with being God's children.
4) Just like you don't have to pay to go to your father's house, you also have free access to God the Father's house! It's now your house!
5) You don't just go to the Father's house. Now the Father's house is inside of you. That means that everything God did in the temple, He does in you!

But... He Looks Pretty Normal

John 8:57-59

See the Spectacular Today!
Seeing something spectacular isn't limited to those who lived in Bible times. We get to see it today!
1) When our expectations of what God is doing are misguided, we often end up looking for far less than what God is actually up to!
2) Jesus looked just like a normal guy because He was a normal guy. But He wasn’t just that. He's God Himself!
3) God's plan has always been to showcase Himself through normal people. In this normal looking guy named Jesus, the Divine is on display!
4) When you want to see something special, simply look at Jesus, what He's accomplished for and through you.
5) Your life might not seem all that exciting, but remember, Jesus looks pretty normal!

Open Your Eyes!

John 8:57-59

Waters parting…
Storms calming…
Dead rising…
The people in the Bible saw some pretty incredible things. So do you. Where do we see these things? Let's study John 8:57-59 together to find out.

Appearances May Be Deceiving

Mark 2:41-44

Looks can be deceiving. Thankfully what really matters isn't how things look on the surface!
1) It's not about what or how much we give, it's about what's going on inside of us.
2) God doesn't need anything from us for Him to be God. He simply wants our hearts.
3) God simply wants us to trust Him.
4) If God is first in our lives, everything else falls into place.
5) It's refreshing to stop worrying about appearances, to know that God isn't about looks, He's about hearts.

Look Deeper

John 7:21-24

See What's Really Going On!
Our perspective is often limited if we only see what's on the surface. We begin to see what's really going on and understand what we see when we "Look Deeper."
1) When we think we see the problem, we look for a solution to match. When our focus is off, so is our vision.
2) The special worship practices in the Old Testament were not about the practices themselves. They pointed to God's promise of healing. Jesus is the promise fulfilled.
3) It's hard to look deeper when we're convinced that the main problem is someone else and when our focus is on actions we see.
4) Surface is comfortable. Looking deeper is scary. But when we see the brokenness inside, we're ready to see the healer God provides.
5) When we see Jesus as the healer we need, it's amazing how much more we can see when we look deeper!

More Than Meets the Eye

John 7:21-24

Settling For Surface Vision?
If you're only seeing what's on the surface, then you're missing out on a far greater view. This weekend let's refine what we see by studying John 7:21-24.

A New Perspective

Mark 8:22-26

Blessings in the Blurry
Something can be right in front of us and still we can't see it. Thankfully God can give us a new perspective!
1) People are often looking for the wrong kind of Messiah. Jesus didn't just come to make life a little better. He came to give us eternal life with Him.
2) When Jesus fulfilled a physical miracle, it showed that He was here to do a greater miracle.
3) Jesus knows that sometimes, if He were to give us full sight all at once, it would be too much for us. He knows what we need.
4) We're living in an awfully confusing time. When we find ourselves confused, it is an opportunity to trust God. Let’s celebrate this opportunity!
5) When our vision is blurry, let's focus on what is clear. Jesus came to give us exactly what we need and continues to work according to His plan.

What Are You Seeing?

Mark 8:22-26

Blurred Vision Meets A God Who Sees Perfectly!
We often struggle to see what God is really up to but God always sees exactly what we need and how it needs to be done. Take a look at how God works in our lives as we ask, "What Are You Seeing?"

New Eyes

John 9:24-25

What Eyes Are You Using?
A lack of vision can be dangerous, especially when it comes to how we see God, ourselves and our world. Thankfully, we've been given the gift of sight because Jesus gives us "New Eyes."
1) Lack of vision has been a problem ever since Adam and Eve took the fruit that "looked pleasing to the eye" rather than listening to God.
2) It's important to recognize that we live in a world of blindness and blurred vision.
a. Sometimes things that start off with right intentions, become misunderstood and misapplied and can actually blur our vision.
b. Our selfish ambitions can prevent us from seeing what is right in front of us.
3) Instead of talking about all the blindness out there, Christ would have us be honest about ways we've acted blindly.
4) Jesus gave a blind man the ability to see with His physical eyes. But the greatest miracle given to Him was the eyes of faith.
5) We get to leave the blindness behind and see what we know to be true. When we live by the light of Jesus it's then that we can be His lights in the world!