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Series: Look into it!

During Jesus' life and ministry on earth there were many people who rejected Him because He didn't match their expectations. In this series we "Look into it" by digging into what God actually promised the Savior would be like. Despite the objections people had then and have now, the truth is that Jesus is exactly the Savior God promised and that we need.
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Consider the Source

Matthew 21:14-17

What does real power look & sound like? As our "Look Into It" Lenten series continues, Pastor Abrahamson delivers a Palm Sunday message from Matthew 21:14-17. We see and hear children praising Jesus as King. The scene may be sweet & cute, but it actually showcases what real power looks & sounds like when we "Consider the Source."

Calling On The King

Luke 18:35-43

The 3 hardest words to say... No, it's not what you think. People say "I love you" all the time - some mean it, some don't. The three hardest words for us sinners to say is "I need help", whether we are speaking to others or speaking to God. We hate the taste of those words in our mouth, so we say them too seldom as we try to fix our own lives. What if God puts you in a place where you CAN'T help yourself? What if you can't survive without someone coming to your rescue? And what if just anyone won't do? This weekend we enter into the final phase of our "Look Into It" series as we study the first of two examples of Jesus as the Son of David. Our lesson is from Luke 18:35-43.

I Want to Believe But

John 7:25-31

What makes you doubt Jesus? Do questions, accusations from non-Christians, or times when life doesn't make sense trigger moments of doubt? This weekend we studied John 7:25-31 and learned that Jesus' actions speak for themselves whenever we find ourselves saying, "I Want to Believe, But...".

You Need to See This

John 4:28-29, 39-42

Some things are so amazing you have to see it to believe it. Sometimes Jesus is like that. People struggled to believe Jesus was the Messiah unless they saw Him with their own eyes. As our "Look Into It" study continues we are going to look into what happened when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well (John 4:28-29 & 39-42).


John 1:43-50

Do your expectations match God's promise? As we continued our "Look Into It!" weekends in Lent series we studied John 1:43-51 saw how God often shows up in ways that are "Different" than we might naturally expect.

Searching For The Truth?

John 7:45-53

Are you "Searching for Truth?" We begin our weekends in Lent series "Look Into It!" with a message from John 7:45-53 reminding us where to look for answers to all of life's most important questions!