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Book: Judges

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Fighting Our Greatest Enemy

Judges 3:1-4

Although we may be our own greatest enemy as we go our own way in this world, thank God that He is our Rescuer and our Savior!

Rise to Your Role

Judges 4:8-9a

Every day we face a turning point. Step forward in faith and see how God can bless you in this life before He hands to you the gift of eternal life - be encouraged to rise to your role.

Be Extraordinary

Judges 3:31

Now, restored by Your gift of faith, lead us to be so much more than the world tells us, or than we often tell ourselves. Make us warrior champions who, with Your authority, speak Your powerful truth to those who need it.

You Are Stronger than You Know

Judges 6:11-16

How strong are you? Strength can be measured in any number of ways: the amount of weight that can be lifted, the ability to stay focused in difficult circumstances, and even good old fashioned horsepower. As important as it is to be strong while fighting our spiritual battles, the real question is how much strength do we really have? Our next "I Quit" lesson shows us a man who thought he was weak but in reality he was really just afraid. We study Judges 6:11-16 and hear God tell Gideon, and us, "You are stronger than you know!"

This Is Your Permission Slip

Judges 4:8-10

You're All Set!
Welcome to the Trip! God has given us a new life and incredible calling. But do we sometimes hold ourselves back? This weekend we study Judges 4:8-10 where we hear God say "This Is Your Permission Slip."