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Book: Revelation

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God's Plan to Save

Revelation 12:7-12

We have reason to rejoice because, through Jesus, we are forgiven and He fights for us.

The Coming King

Revelation 22:20-21

It might all look the same, but life really has changed because of "The Coming King."

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Revelation 22:20

The Son of God has made a promise to us. He will come again. Yes - Amen!

THIS Changes Everything

Revelation 21:1-5

Nothing Will Be The Same!
Everything will be different!

THIS affects everything.
THIS gives you hope for the future.
THIS empowers you today.
THIS is what we're focusing on for our final "New Beginnings" Advent message. What is this? Find out while viewing this video and study Revelation 21:1-5.

What Do You See?

Revelation 5:11-14

An Easter message from an unlikely source, Revelation 5:11-14. "Worthy is the Lamb, Amen!" How does looking out at the world from inside the tomb change the way we view Easter, and our lives?

What if?

Revelation 5:8-11

2019 -- What if you could see into the future? Would you even want to? And what would you do with that kind of knowledge? We close 2018 with a lesson from Revelation 2:8-11 where we see Jesus tell an early church what was in their future. Spoiler alert, it's not all good news - at least not from a human perspective. But that's the great thing with God, each day and every year is a chance at a fresh start to trust Him. Our theme, simply put, is "What if...?"