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Book: James

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John 1:47-51

When you're in a place where you might least expect it, you can see Jesus!

Underestimating Jesus

James 1:47-51

As amazing as it is that we know Jesus, it may be even more amazing to know that He knows us and that we never need to underestimate our Jesus.

Big Plans?

James 4:13-17

When making big plans for the future, make sure the biggest plan of all is to choose to submit every part of your plans to God's will and trust only in Him.

The Road Before You

James 4:13-17

This new year, truly embrace what God has placed on "The Road Before You."

God Exalts the Humble

James 4:7-12

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

It's often the little things that really make all the difference. The little things begin with humility.

1) Biblical submission is not about being less valuable than another. It's about willfully submitting yourself to the direction of another.
2) There are little things that will creep into our hearts and take a position that belongs to God.
3) God didn't leave us alone to fight the battle in our hearts.
4) Jesus entered the game to be our substitute. Through His life, death and resurrection now no matter what your position, you matter.
5) God has made you valuable so now you can go and make a difference in someone else's life

Is Religion Part of the Problem?

James 1:26-27

Good or Bad? Is religion part of the problem?
There probably aren't many words today that carry more baggage than the word "religion." Some are proud of their religion. But some talk about having a relationship rather than a religion. Others say they are spiritual, not religious. Still others see religion as an archaic evil that needs to be done away with. Where should we be on the religion opinion spectrum? This weekend, as we continue our "Nagging Questions" sermon series we study James 1:26-27 and ask a very challenging question, "Is Religion Part of the Problem?"

Better Days Ahead

James 1:12

Did you know that the average thunderstorm in Wisconsin lasts approximately 90 minutes? So what? Well, we tend to think in terms of "forever" when we are in the middle of a storm and have little appreciation for its benefits until the storm passes. I [Pastor Krause] keep hearing all kinds of promises made by various leaders and businesses that soon things will be back to normal, that this will pass. Truth is, only God knows for sure. And only God can make the kind of promise we study this weekend as we look at James 1:12 with the theme "Better Days Ahead".

In The Center Ring

James 4:6

Are you humble? Tricky question, isn't it? But what's even trickier is actually learning humility. This weekend we studied James 4:6 and discuss the battle for this crucial characteristic that takes place "In The Center Ring."