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Book: Acts

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Building a Better Life

Acts 5:20

Have you noticed all the new construction? There's new growth all over the place! That's because the risen Jesus is "Building A Better Life."

The Jesus' Way

Acts 5:20

Living the Jesus way - for today and for eternity!


Acts 20:22-24

No matter what lies ahead of you, the resurrected Jesus can empower you to boldly "Testify."

Do You Hear That?

Acts 5:17-20

The sounds of Easter mean something incredible for you and your life today. Have your mind and heart tuned into the meaning behind all you heard Easter Sunday with a study of Acts 5:17-20

Crazy Faith

Acts 12:13-17

Hard to believe... and that's exactly the point! God has done and continues to do reality-rocking work. He's given us "Crazy Faith."

Prison Break

Acts 12:13-17

It's time to break out of prison... the prison of fear!

Overcoming Fear

Acts 9:10-16

We all know what it's like to be afraid. Thankfully, God makes it possible for us to be victorious "Overcoming Fear."

When God Calls You Out

Acts 9:10-16

God encourages us to step forward and carry His name to those around us, even to people or places that may scare us. Embrace the challenge "When God Calls You Out"!

Second Chances

Acts 2:42

The Holy Spirit has blessed us with faith, but spiritual apathy is a killer. Are we going to live our faith or let it die? Praise God, every day He offers us a second chance!

The Value of 40?

Acts 1:1-3

On Easter morning, Jesus did not just defeat death - He conquered life! Let's live like our lives are just beginning.


Acts 2:37-38

Is Your Worst Enemy Looking At You In the Mirror?
There's Victory Over the Battle Within!
It's easy to point fingers at others or the world around us. But sometimes the biggest attacks come from within. This weekend we studied Acts 2:37-38 to see how God gives us an eternity changing, life giving "Intervention."


Acts 24:26

Definitions - How would you define "integrity"? The most common definition I have heard is: "doing the right thing even when no one is watching". But is that the best we can do? This week we wrap up our quick journey through the book of Acts and our look at some of the characters of the early church. This week we view an episode in the life of the apostle Paul from Acts 24:26. Someone was watching as Paul practiced integrity, not just because it was the right thing to do but because of his faith in God.

A Go(o)d Heart (David)

Acts 13:22

Pastor Krause writes: As you know, last year one of my brothers died from a heart attack. This year another one of my brothers was hospitalized with heart problems. So you can imagine that I am trying to take better care of my own heart. God-willing, my heart will last for many years yet, but that is not my biggest challenge. I'm more concerned about whether my heart is good, spiritually. This week's lesson helps us wrestle with our hearts as we study our next Christian Character(s). Our lesson is from Acts 13:22 and it's about David and his Go(o)d heart.

You're Stronger than You Think (Stephen)

Acts 6:8

How strong are you? That's a trick question because it all depends on how you measure strength. Some people can lift a lot of weight. Others can endure great pressure and seem to have endless stamina. What if we measured strength and power using a different scale? What if real power was measured in how we handle the challenges to our Christian character? This weekend we take a close look at our next series character - Stephen. Our lesson is from Acts 6:8 and our theme is "You are stronger than you think!"


Acts 4:29

When it comes to faith, are you as bold as you'd like to be? This weekend we moved forward into our new Christian Character(s) series as we looked at Acts 4:29 and discovered how the Holy Spirit gives us faith that is bold.


Acts 5:3-4

We introduce our "Christian Character(s)" Trinity Series today with a message about Dokimos. Our first lesson is Acts 5:3-4 and we get to know ourselves a little better as we dig into the choices made by Ananias and Sapphira. Our theme is DOKIMOS, by watching the sermon you will learn everything you should know about DOKIMOS.

What Just Happened?

Acts 2:36-41

What Just Happened?! Have you ever found yourself asking that question? Maybe you experienced a surprising event or maybe you suddenly realized something rather significant just happened. This weekend as we celebrated Pentecost, we had plenty of reasons to ask "What Just Happened?!" and celebrate the answer to that question with a study of Acts 2:36-41.

Are You Guilty of Believing the Resurrection?

Acts 24:17-21

Proof... Many of us have lived our whole lives believing Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning, and it is good that we do. But what if you just heard about the resurrection for the first time in your life? What if you had doubts? We look at the evidence of Jesus' resurrection by asking the question "Are You Guilty of Believing in the Resurrection?" Our lesson comes from Acts 24:17-21 as we continue on Easter series "Resurrection Questions!"