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Book: Numbers

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What Did I Do?

Numbers 20:9-11

If you're looking for freedom and confidence today, ask yourself...
"What Did I Do?"

What Do You Think?

Numbers 27:5-6

Instead of answering... ask... "what do you think?"
It's amazing how much things can change when you approach them from God's perspective!

Why me?

Numbers 11:10-15

Problem Solving - Wouldn't it be nice if everything in life was simple, easy and fun? (That's the way it was supposed to be). But much like a muscle, without exercise, our faith would atrophy if everything were easy. And so God wisely allows challenges for our faith. Our next lesson in the "I Quit" series displays a challenge for the man whom this series is patterned from - Moses. Moses faced a big challenge and unfortunately he thought he had to face it alone - that became the real problem, the real spiritual battle Moses was fighting. Our lesson is specifically on Numbers 11:13-15 - but I'm adding verses 10-12 for a fuller understanding of the question on Moses' mind, "Why Me?"