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Book: Psalms

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Why? Say Thank You!


Saying "thank you" is more than just practicing good manners. It makes a real impact! Learn "Why? Say Thank You!"

Meditating on God's Word

Psalm 1

Guest preacher Pastor Charles Degner takes us through a study of Psalm 1.

You Promised - Love

Psalm 55:22

In the hard moments.... when it feels like too much....
...that's when love does it's best work. You can cast it all to God, because He has promised you "Love."

Faith: That You Won't Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

When the path of life is shaky or there's danger around you....
...remind yourself, I can look to the One who has promised me "Faith: That You Won't Let Me Fall."

To Not Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

Our Big God doesn't just want us to trust Him with the big things. We can have faith that our Big God will come through in the everyday little things too!


Psalm 23:6

God will take any mistake we've made, any test we've blown, any sin that would send us straight to hell and, in His mercy, picks us up and says, "I have a beautiful, loving Shepherd who will lead you back into My presence".


Psalm 23:6

Tonight, don't just remember that it's Good Friday. Cherish "Why" He died & "Why" this Friday really is good!

Psalm 23:5

Psalm 23:5

Psalm 23:4

Psalm 23:4

Psalm 23:3

Psalm 23:3

Psalm 23:2

Psalm 23:2

Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23:1

A New Heart

Psalm 51:10-12

Our Sanctification series continues with a study Psalm 51:10-12.

Inside Out

Psalm 51:10-12

Where real living begins!

We know we've been given a new life in Christ and want to live that way more and more. Sometimes it goes well. Other times, not so much. Sometimes it's a combination of the both. That's why we need to remember how this new life works!

1) We need God to carve out a pure heart in us that can be in His presence and partner with Him. When He does, it changes everything about how we live!
2) Even though God has accomplished great things in us, we all have been guilty of doing what is in our own best interest, with a complete disregard for others. None of us deserve God's favor or His Spirit.
3) Jesus was forsaken by God so justice could be served for our sins. Because of Him, we can confidently look to our God to give us life.
4) We get to ask God to give us a like-new spirit, solidly filling up our spiritual lungs so we can live.
5) God can bring us out into the light of His salvation, the light of Jesus and give us a willing spirit to step forward into life!

Does God Care About...?

Psalm 8:3-6

When we're reminded of just how big the world is, we can start to feel pretty small. That's why this weekend we'll study Psalm 8:3-6 and ask a pretty important question...
..."Does God Care About...?"
Message from 8.2.20 in Cottage Grove

Why Would He Care?

Psalm 8:3-6

Feeling small? Worship!
When we're reminded of just how big the world is, we can start to feel pretty small. That's why this weekend we'll study Psalm 8:3-6 and ask a pretty important question...
..."Why Would He Care?"
Message from 8.2.20 in Fort Atkinson

Have a Heart

Psalm 51:10

No one likes to deal with the delay or inconveniences of repairs or reconstruction projects. At times it can be frustrating. But the most important reconstruction project that affects our lives is the one going on inside of us - in our hearts. As we celebrate the festival of Pentecost, we consider the most important repair God is doing in our lives as we study Psalm 51:10. King David's prayer is also our prayer to "Have a Heart".


Psalm 2:1-2

As we continue our "Ouch - the 7 Deadly Stings of Sin" midweek Lenten series we ask a very important question, Who Is Jesus? as we see that He was "Condemned."


Psalm 41:7-9

Our midweek Lenten series "Ouch-the 7 Deadly Stings of Sin" continues with a message from Psalm 41:7-9, where we see how Jesus absorbed the sting of being "Betrayed."


Psalm 69:19-21

"Scorned" is the 4th lesson in the Lenten Mid-Week sermon series "OUCH - 7 Deadly stings of sin" in which we focus on seven different Old Testament passages and prophecies telling the world what God's own Son would suffer to pay for sin.


Psalm 22:1-2

Sin Hurts.

In this sermon we consider the love our Savior has for us that moved Him to choose to be "Forsaken" for us. This is the 2nd installment in our "7 Deadly Stings of Sin" midweek Lenten series.

Patient Perspective

Psalm 75:2

Waiting is hard to do, especially when that waiting involves enduring a difficult season of life. This weekend we studied Psalm 75:2 and gained some much needed "Patient Perspective."

This Weary Heart

Psalm 73:13-14

There are times in our lives when we ask "Why do I even try?" Sometimes our lives of faith can become awfully discouraging, especially when we see how easy some non-Christians seem to have it. This weekend we studied Psalm 73:13-14 and discovered some perspective and encouragement for "This Weary Heart."

When Love Speaks

Psalm 15:4

I've heard that before...
Ever had someone make you a promise that sounds nice but you knew they wouldn't come through on? Have you ever made an empty promise? This weekend we studied Psalm 15:4 and learned about the importance of coming through on promises and the beauty of what happens "When Love Speaks."

Soul Detox

Psalm 42:2-3

Get Healthy! There are plenty of strategies for getting healthy, avoiding certain foods, exercising, going on a cleanse. This weekend This weekend we study Psalm 42:2-3 and see where real health begins as God gives us a "Soul Detox".