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In Judgement

Luke 10:21

If you could see God's face in this moment, how would He be looking at you? You might be surprised and amazed by what you would see, because of what is revealed to us about Jesus "In Judgment."

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Judgement

Luke 10:21

May the Holy Spirit keep us from making false judgements as we look at others, that we may be filled with His power to share God's message of love.

In Miracles

John 2:11

You need a miracle. We all do. There are situations in our lives and in this world that we have no power to fix. But when you find yourself in the dark because you have no idea what to do, remember how Jesus was revealed "In Miracles."

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Miracles

John 2:11

The miracle of faith gives us our life back! Count your miracles!

In Baptism

John 1:29-34

When you're surrounded by darkness, it's amazing what light you'll find, when you see how Jesus is revealed "In Baptism."

Jesus' Glory Revealed in Baptism

John 1:29-34

The more we recognize the Glory of Christ, the more we'll come to realize and appreciate that God's glory is meant to shine in our hearts! We begin the Epiphany season by seeing "Jesus' Glory Revealed in Baptism."

A Glimpse of Hope

Genesis 3:15

When there's a battle before you and challenges around you, everything can change with just "A Glimpse of Hope."

Echoes of Christmas

Genesis 3:15

What does Eve's temptation have to do with Christmas? God wants our affections directed away from false gods that make us happy for the moment to focus on Him, His love. He wants to give us a new heart this New Year.

Three Wise Gifts

Matthew 2

Presence (meet the King who gives us back our lives)
Presents (offer our greatest treasures to Him)
Pre-sense (listen to His warnings so we are safe in our faith)

Through Angel Eyes

Luke 1:26-38

When you get a little older and roles change a bit, Christmas can look completely different. How, different then, might Christmas look from the perspective of the angels? What insights might they give us to the birth of Christ and what it means to the world? Get a glimpse of what Christmas looks like "Through Angel Eyes."

A Big Promise

Daniel 9:20-26a

God paid attention to every detail when He fulfill His promise to send a Savior. If He kept this big promise, know that He will keep all of His promises - to give us courage, to not let us fall, to guide us and to love us. Now and in eternity.

A New Life is Born

Romans 5:17-19

When Jesus was born, people were living ordinary, everyday lives. Except for Mary, Joseph and a few shepherds, no one else knew that the Savior had been born! When God comes into our everyday lives it doesn't look spectacular - it looks like love, it looks like resurrected lives, it looks like our forever, but also our today.

You Promised - Love

Psalm 55:22

In the hard moments.... when it feels like too much....
...that's when love does it's best work. You can cast it all to God, because He has promised you "Love."

You Promised to Guide Me

Proverbs 6:20-22

When you feel lost, you can move forward knowing that God promised "To Guide Me."

Faith: That You Won't Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

When the path of life is shaky or there's danger around you....
...remind yourself, I can look to the One who has promised me "Faith: That You Won't Let Me Fall."

To Not Let Me Fall

Psalm 121:3-4

Our Big God doesn't just want us to trust Him with the big things. We can have faith that our Big God will come through in the everyday little things too!

Courage (Cottage Grove)

Isaiah 41:10

When you're afraid to move forward....
or don't know what to do....
...there's God, who has promised to give you "Courage."

Courage (Fort Aktinson)

Isaiah 41:10

There is so much that the world is throwing at us. But in the face of it all, God, "You promised to give me courage!"

Not Thankful, Thankful

Proverbs 30:7-9

Are there times in your life where you are not thankful? Maybe we all need a change in perspective!

Thank YOU!

1 Corinthians 1:4-9

I am thankful for YOU!

Nobody, Everybody, Somebody

1 Corinthians 15:7-8

Ever feel like you're nobody, because you listen to the devil, the world or even what goes on in your own head? God's grace says you are His child, the empty tomb confirms His love for you! You ARE somebody!

What Do You See?

1 Corinthians 15:7-8

When you look at your life, it looks average. Jesus is IN the average - look for Him. When life doesn't make sense - look for Jesus there. And one day, we will see Jesus in all His glory - for eternity!

Hope Restored

2 Kings 8:1-6

It's hard, when you've lost something or someone important.
But Jesus has made it so you can live with "Hope Restored."


2 Kings 8:1-6

You may fall... but God can restore!

Crazy Faith

Acts 12:13-17

Hard to believe... and that's exactly the point! God has done and continues to do reality-rocking work. He's given us "Crazy Faith."

Prison Break

Acts 12:13-17

It's time to break out of prison... the prison of fear!

Ready or Not

2 Kings 22:1-2

Opportunity is in front of you. What's your response? God can transform you and the world whether you're "Ready Or Not."

Reformation or Transformation

2 Kings 22:1-2

From the beginning, God has always wanted our hearts!


Philemon 1:8-11

A wall or a bridge. Everything changes based on the "If." Philemon 8-11 reminds us how we get to have a truly counter-cultural view of people and ability to restore relationships because of Jesus.

The Great Escape

Philemon 1:8-11

An epic story of forgiveness, love and reunion. God is still working through us today for the good of His Kingdom and love for one another!