We can’t tell you how glad we are that you found the Abiding Shepherd website. We’re trying to help folks just like you get to know us a little bit before you even make your first visit to our church. 

We would like to help you decide to take more than a virtual tour of our church by coming and visiting in person - to do that we’re going to make you some promises. 

First, we promise you will be welcome. We want you to feel like you are coming to a place where no one is a stranger. Grab a cup of coffee. Sit on the sofa. Watch the announcements. Whatever you like, please make yourself at home. 

Second, we promise you will learn something. It may take a moment or two for you to get used to the way we teach, but as we study God’s Word together we will make it as interesting as possible. And as God’s powerful Word is opened up to you, it is our goal for you to leave feeling as if God has touched your heart and your life on the day of your visit. 

Third, we promise you will be glad you came, even if it was only to find out Abiding Shepherd is a nice place to visit but you won’t be calling it your church home. When you visit you will not be asked to sign anything, or join anything. We simply want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and worth your effort of choosing to worship with us. And since we have had the opportunity to talk with many of our visitors, some who choose to continue coming and others who chose to worship elsewhere, we know our size, our worship style, our ministry goals and our facility are not for everyone. But if we fail to keep any of these promises to you and Abiding Shepherd is not what we say it is, then please tell us. We want to be true to our word and help Abiding Shepherd to be everything we promise. 

Hope to see you soon, 
Pastors Abrahamson and Krause
When you have THE SHEPHERD.... You have EVERYTHING you need!