Weekly Worship
Worship services at Abiding Shepherd are opportunities to get to know other people from the community around us, worship our God, and be strengthened in our relationship with our Savior. That's why you'll always find treats to enjoy while socializing, music and prayer that is focused on God and what He's done for us, as well as a visually driven sermon that is designed to get you into God's Word and get God's Word into your life. On Sunday mornings we use formal music and the pastors wear formal attire. Monday nights are a bit more laid-back and the music is more modern. Whichever service you attend, you'll find a casual atmosphere where everyone is welcome. If you have energetic young ones, we have rocking chairs and a kids room to help you out. If you're a bit more advanced in years, we have large print worship folders and plenty of young hands willing to assist you. Wherever you are in life and whatever your background is, whether your style is shirt and tie or ripped jeans and a band shirt, whether you've been a Christian all your life or are just curious what it's all about, you're always welcome to stop on by!
Sunday Mornings Monday Evenings
8:15 am Social/Snack Time 7:00 pm Contemporary
8:30 am Worship
9:30 am Social/Snack Time
9:45 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship
11:30 am Social/Snack Time

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