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The End Is Near

Advent is not just a pre-Christmas season. It is a season when we rejoice and reflect on Jesus coming - coming to us as a child, coming to Jersusalem, coming to live perfectly for us, coming to the cross and finally, coming back at the last day. When looking at prophecies in the Bible often times it can be compared to a mountain range. A mountain can look like one range, but the closer you get, you notice distance between ranges, even though they are connected. Prophecies are often similar - showing things that have already happened in history, giving us insight into what is happening today and what we are going to experience when Jesus returns. 

A Warm Love in a Cold World

Matthew 24:12-13

A Strange Combination of Ingredients Can Make A Great Recipe!
With the beginning of the new church year we're at a time where this is a unique combination of ingredients: thinking about the end of the world + looking forward to Jesus' coming + Thanksgiving. This unique combo makes for a beautiful recipe in a messy world!
1) We can feel that there is a darkness in the world. But in Advent we focus on the light of Jesus coming!
2) When the world turned against Jesus, He lovingly humbled Himself in order to save the world!
3) On the cross an exchange took place. Jesus took on the cold sin of the world and gave us the warm love of God.
4) Even in a challenging world, we feast on God's mercy.
5) A Christian shows Thanksgiving by showing love and sharing the light of Christ!