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Speaker: Pastor Brian Klebig


Colossians 3:1-2

Think About It!
It's not just what you do and say that matters, God cares about what is going on in your heart and in your mind. When things are moving in the right direction on the inside, it's amazing the difference that can take place on the outside. That's why this weekend we're studying Colossians 3:1-2.

Does God Really Have A Plan?

Jeremiah 29:11

Pastor Klebig leads us through a message of hope in Jeremiah as we can be confident that God DOES have a plan for us as we go through our "Babylons".

Why Won't God Answer Me?

Isaiah 59:1

Hearing Check:
Most of us know by now that Pastor Krause is just a bit hard of hearing (that's why he asks people to repeat things when we are at worship). We can deal with a pastor who is hard of hearing, but what if it seems like God has that same problem? This week we forged on to our next nagging question having to do with God's response to our conversations with Him.
Message from 8.16.20 in Cottage Grove

Can Suffering Be a Good Thing?

John 11:1-4

Ouch! When life is good and all goes as we want, do we question God? Usually we don't. Often, it is not until we find ourselves struggling, even suffering, that we wonder if God is doing His job? This weekend we looked at the opening verses of John chapter 11 to see if we can find any good in our moments of suffering and asks the question: "Can suffering be good?"
Message from 8.9.20 in Cottage Grove

What If I Question My Faith?

Jude 22-23

The world is dying, and Christians have been charged with taking the message of a Savior to that dying world. The challenges of being "in the world but not of it" can genuinely test a believer's faith, and can present a frightening time in the life of a Christian. What happens when we question our faith? For our place and God's role in this question, we'll be looking at Jude 22-23 and asking, "What If I Question My Faith?"

Am I Really Free?

John 8:36

Freedom is on everyone's minds right now. The Fourth of July is a celebration of our freedom as Americans, but at the same time the current circumstances are making us feel less free than almost any other time in our lives. The tension between our two realities begs the question of how free are we really? The Bible offers special insight into the strange nature of freedom and captivity, and the implications for our lives as we study this Sunday under the theme, "Am I Really Free?" We'll be looking to John 8:36 for the answer.