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The End Is Near

Advent is not just a pre-Christmas season. It is a season when we rejoice and reflect on Jesus coming - coming to us as a child, coming to Jersusalem, coming to live perfectly for us, coming to the cross and finally, coming back at the last day. When looking at prophecies in the Bible often times it can be compared to a mountain range. A mountain can look like one range, but the closer you get, you notice distance between ranges, even though they are connected. Prophecies are often similar - showing things that have already happened in history, giving us insight into what is happening today and what we are going to experience when Jesus returns. 

What's Left?

John 14:27

So You Can Face Anything... matter what challenge we face, we have exactly what we need because of "What's left" from Jesus!
1) Jesus lets go into our hands a special gift - peace!
2) Biblical peace is more than just the absence of conflict, it's the restoration of relationship. It means that now nothing is missing!
3) The peace that belongs to Jesus, the relationship and partnership with the Father, is now given to us.
4) Jesus' life didn't look all that peaceful according to the world's standards. But His Father was present throughout, carrying out His plan according to His purpose. That's peace!
5) We often pull back in fear from God. But because of the peace Jesus gives us, we can have calm hearts and step forward in faith no matter what we face!

Judging Us

Romans 14:23-15:1

Challenging. But Good.
Evaluating our faith life can be challenging. It gets even harder when we consider how to relate with other Christians. But there is incredible encouragement and hope from the One who takes care of "Judging Us."
1) There are some things that are clearly black and white like the fact that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. But when it comes to applying our faith, things can get awfully complicated.
2) Even if an action is not wrong in and of itself, if we believe it is wrong and still do it, we actually judge against ourselves.
3) Two Christians can be in very different places in their faith. They can both bring glory to God while going in very different directions.
4) God calls us to lift up and encourage each other, including our fellow Christians who believe the most God-pleasing way is different than what we believe.
5) We are able to come together in love and humility because we all have the same problem = sin and the same solution = Jesus. He has reunited us with God and each other.

What Are You Waiting For?

Luke 18:8b

Your Enemy Is Going Down!
When the enemy is fighting hard against you, "What Are You Waiting For?"

Never Lose Heart

Matthew 24:12-13

This World Needs Some Love
God's love is meant to transform us so we love Him and others. In a world where love is lacking, this can be easy to forget. Take a look at what Jesus says about the need for love and how you can "Never Lose Heart" with this message on Matthew 24:12-13.