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I Rest My Case

Mark 15:1-5

How does it feel when someone accuses you of something? Pretty awful isn't it? Now consider how often we live like we're being accused. Whether it's in the ways that we suspect that people are unhappy with us or if it's simply the accusations that play in our own heads. But Jesus was also accused. When we look to His response and what He achieved we can have peace and confidence to say to our accusations, "I Rest My Case."

do You know me?

Mark 14:66-72

There may be times that we talk and act like we don't know Jesus. But Jesus has always known us. We are totally known and completely loved. It's amazing how everything changes when we ask Jesus, "do You know me?"

But... He Looks Pretty Normal

John 8:57-59

See the Spectacular Today!
Seeing something spectacular isn't limited to those who lived in Bible times. We get to see it today!
1) When our expectations of what God is doing are misguided, we often end up looking for far less than what God is actually up to!
2) Jesus looked just like a normal guy because He was a normal guy. But He wasn’t just that. He's God Himself!
3) God's plan has always been to showcase Himself through normal people. In this normal looking guy named Jesus, the Divine is on display!
4) When you want to see something special, simply look at Jesus, what He's accomplished for and through you.
5) Your life might not seem all that exciting, but remember, Jesus looks pretty normal!

Look Deeper

John 7:21-24

See What's Really Going On!
Our perspective is often limited if we only see what's on the surface. We begin to see what's really going on and understand what we see when we "Look Deeper."
1) When we think we see the problem, we look for a solution to match. When our focus is off, so is our vision.
2) The special worship practices in the Old Testament were not about the practices themselves. They pointed to God's promise of healing. Jesus is the promise fulfilled.
3) It's hard to look deeper when we're convinced that the main problem is someone else and when our focus is on actions we see.
4) Surface is comfortable. Looking deeper is scary. But when we see the brokenness inside, we're ready to see the healer God provides.
5) When we see Jesus as the healer we need, it's amazing how much more we can see when we look deeper!

What Are You Seeing?

Mark 8:22-26

Blurred Vision Meets A God Who Sees Perfectly!
We often struggle to see what God is really up to but God always sees exactly what we need and how it needs to be done. Take a look at how God works in our lives as we ask, "What Are You Seeing?"

New Eyes

John 9:24-25

What Eyes Are You Using?
A lack of vision can be dangerous, especially when it comes to how we see God, ourselves and our world. Thankfully, we've been given the gift of sight because Jesus gives us "New Eyes."
1) Lack of vision has been a problem ever since Adam and Eve took the fruit that "looked pleasing to the eye" rather than listening to God.
2) It's important to recognize that we live in a world of blindness and blurred vision.
a. Sometimes things that start off with right intentions, become misunderstood and misapplied and can actually blur our vision.
b. Our selfish ambitions can prevent us from seeing what is right in front of us.
3) Instead of talking about all the blindness out there, Christ would have us be honest about ways we've acted blindly.
4) Jesus gave a blind man the ability to see with His physical eyes. But the greatest miracle given to Him was the eyes of faith.
5) We get to leave the blindness behind and see what we know to be true. When we live by the light of Jesus it's then that we can be His lights in the world!

It's A Family Thing!

Galatians 4:4-5

Fully A Son. Free To Live.
So often we live like we're still under restrictions and slaves to our sin. But you've been set free. You are God's child. God wants us to celebrate that "It's A Family Thing!"

The Christmas Treasure Quest

2 Corinthians 8:9

Rich Living!
There's a treasure that you don't need to hunt for to find. It came to you. Now the quest begins.
1) God's grace is not only His undeserved love for us, it's a beautiful trait of His character where He cherishes us and chooses to give us the greatest gift!
2) What if part of being truly rich isn't the acquiring money, a fancy house or expensive foods, but it's the lack of needing them?
3) What if a true treasure consists more of things like being loved and being able to love, having life and being full of goodness?
4) Jesus was willing to lack, to the point that He even died for us, so we might receive a treasure from God.
5) A gift is meant to be enjoyed, so let's live like we're overflowing with treasure. Let the quest begin!


John 1:14

Merry Christmas!
On Christmas we celebrate so much more than great memories, but an actual event that changes everything today. Let's study together John 1:14 and consider what "Became" that day.

A Greater King (FA)

Jeremiah 23:5-6

Who or what rules your life?
It's one thing to know Jesus is King. It's another thing to live that way. That's why we're so blessed to study Jeremiah 23:5-6 where we get to prepare our hearts for "A Greater King."

A Greater Priest (CG)

Hebrews 7:23-28

Unlimited Access!
In a season when we're longing for the people, places and activities that we love, Jesus gives us exactly what we need by being "A Better Priest."
1) How could sinful people be assured that they were on good terms with God, that His presence was there among them and that He was working for them and through them? A vital piece was the work of the priests!
2) The priests would bring sacrifices into the holy place on behalf of the people. These sacrifices would point to how God would bring justice for sin and create a way for us to be at one with Him.
3) Jesus is a greater priest because:
a. He is not limited by death. He is speaking to the Father on our behalf always and forever.
b. He gives us unlimited access to God. We can come into His presence again and again, knowing He is here with us and we will live forever with Him.
c. He not only brought a sacrifice before God, He was the sacrifice before God. He laid down His life so we could be set right with God once and for all.
4) In challenging seasons like we're in, we may long for what once was. But perhaps this is an opportunity to recognize that as good as those things were, they were limited.
5) Focus on something greater! No matter where you are or who you're with, you can come into God's presence right now. He is there with you and you will live forever with Him!

A Greater Prophet (FA)

Deuteronomy 18:17-20

We are constantly being bombarded with messages. We get to choose whether or not to listen. There is a better message from A Greater Prophet that we get to listen to again and again every day!

What Will It Be Like?

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

When there's something in our future that we've never experienced before, we can tend to get a bit nervous. If that's true with any unfamiliar experience, it can be especially true with something as different as the return of Jesus. But as we study 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, we find incredible encouragement as we ask the question, "What Will It Be Like?"

How Does What's Ahead Change How I Live NOW?

1 Thessalonians 4:3-8

Not just someday...
We often talk about what we will experience as Christians "someday." But what we're looking forward to isn't just far off in the distance. It affects how we live today!
1) God's heart for us is that we be sanctified, not just someday but today! Jesus makes us pure and clean so that Holy God lives in us today.
2) At the front lines of the battle between who we are in Christ and who we were before is this question, "Who's in charge? My feelings or me?"
3) When we live by what we feel, we often overstep and contribute to the pain and death in this world.
4) God is the ultimate justice-maker. Jesus endured the justice our sins deserve so we now stand right with God.
5) If we're longing for the day when we live in a pure and holy place with God, why would we go back to impurity now? God's given you His Holy Spirit so you can live the life God has called you to!

What does God think about me?


You? Holy?
If we were to look at God, we know we'd see One who is holy. But what does God see when He looks at us? This weekend we got to see ourselves from God's perspective as we studied Ephesians 3:14-19, as we continue our "Nagging Questions" sermon series.

Why Faith?

Hebrews 11:6

When your whole life is built on something that you can't see, it can sure feel risky. But when we explore how faith works we can begin to see why it's worth the risk.
1) Faith is not some power we work in ourselves, it's about who we've been persuaded to believe in.
2) Faith supports what we are expecting to happen. It's the proof that God doesn't need anything I see in order to create something good.
3) God delights in faith because it's through faith that we approach Him and experience the real Him.
4) If what we know about God was based on what we see, then what we believe about God would be limited by what we see.
5) Through faith we experience the God who is greater than what we see, who can make a way when we cannot see a way, who is giving us something better than anything we see in this world.

What Should I Think About?

Colossians 3:1-2

So often what we focus on is not really who we are anymore. It's time to leave behind the old ways and focus on who we really are in Christ!
1) It doesn't take much to see that there's something wrong with the world. But just trying to reduce the evil is only treating the symptom.
2) The events of 2020 have dragged our focus to what's wrong in this world in a pronounced way.
3) When Jesus died everything that dragged us down died there with Him.
4) We've been raised together with Christ. Our resurrection is an accomplished fact.
5) If we are dead to things of this world and our life is now with Christ, why focus on the things of this world? Focus on your life!

What Should I Say?

Ephesians 4:15

Words -
I'm sure you have heard all the cliches: "you have two ears and one mouth, think before you speak, open mouth and insert foot here", etc. Why are there so many sayings about the words that come out of our mouths?
This weekend we studied a close companion to the nagging question we tackled last weekend, however this week we focused more on how we say something rather than what it is we say as we studied Ephesians 4:15.

What Do I Do When They Sin?

Galatians 6:1-2

Sin, Them, and Me
Dealing with our own sin is challenging enough, but what about when someone I care about sins? Do I say something or do I just mind my own business? This weekend we dug into this challenging "Nagging Question" as we studied Galatians 6:1-2.

How Do I Have a Mountain-Moving Faith?

Matthew 17:19-20

Powerful Faith
Faith is powerful! But it's important to remember where that power comes from! Pastor Abrahamson takes us through a lesson from Matthew 17:19-20 as Jesus answers the question, "How Do I have a Mountain-Moving Faith?"

What Is God Really Up To?

Jeremiah 29:11

We've all heard it... We've probably all even said it... "God has a plan."
But let's be honest, sometimes it can be awfully hard to see how everything that is happening can be part of God's good plan. So let's clear up some confusion with a study of Jeremiah 29:11 as we answer the question "What Is God Really Up To?"

How Big Should I Dream?

Ephesians 3:20-21

Big things through you! Yes, YOU!
God makes some pretty bold statements in His Word about what He can accomplish through us! So wrestle with the power of God and what it might look for God to do big things through us as we study Ephesians 3:20-21!

Will God Really Not Give Me More Than I Can Handle?

1 Corinthians 10:11-13

? What Now?
?? Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? What if one of those days turns into one of those weeks, or months, or even years?
Because we live in a sinful world we will always have troubles in this life. But what are we to do when it seems as if we face one crisis after another? This weekend we seek the answer to the next nagging question as presented to us in 1 Corinthians 10:11-13.

When Will I Finally Get God?

Job 42:1-6

Do you get it? It's good to try to understand life and what's happening in the world around us. But in times of terrible tragedy or loss, it can be extremely challenging when we can't seem to "get" what God is doing. For those trying times, Pastor Abrahamson helps us work through a study of Job, Chapter 42, as we ask "When Will I Finally 'Get' God?"

What Is My Worth?

Luke 12:4-7

The universe is so big and we are so small. What makes us special? Even though we are so small the truth is that we really do matter to God!
1) We tend to spend so much time worrying about what other people think but what really matters is what God thinks!
2) Every part of God's Creation is valuable because everything plays a part in His design.
3) If there were to be 1 thought that always crosses your mind before bed let it be this, "I matter to God!"
4) Every one of us and every person we encounter matters to God!
5) Maybe it's time to start believing that I am everything God says I am!

Why Would He Care?

Psalm 8:3-6

Feeling small? Worship!
When we're reminded of just how big the world is, we can start to feel pretty small. That's why this weekend we'll study Psalm 8:3-6 and ask a pretty important question...
..."Why Would He Care?"
Message from 8.2.20 in Fort Atkinson

What Can't God Do?

Jeremiah 32.27

Sometimes we feel like giving up, like there's no hope for improvement. For every one of those times, we have the message of Jeremiah 32:27 that we'll be studying this weekend.
Message from 7.26.20 in Fort Atkinson

Is Religion Part of the Problem?

James 1:26-27

Good or Bad? Is religion part of the problem?
There probably aren't many words today that carry more baggage than the word "religion." Some are proud of their religion. But some talk about having a relationship rather than a religion. Others say they are spiritual, not religious. Still others see religion as an archaic evil that needs to be done away with. Where should we be on the religion opinion spectrum? This weekend, as we continue our "Nagging Questions" sermon series we study James 1:26-27 and ask a very challenging question, "Is Religion Part of the Problem?"

Can I Really Know God?

John 14:5-9

It's always fun to hear about a time when someone met a celebrity or maybe even knows them personally. Maybe part of why it's so fun is because celebrities can seem larger than life to us, like they almost aren't real people, like they almost don't exist in "real life." If people can feel that way to us, how much more God? This weekend, as we celebrate Father's Day we study John 14:5-9 and ask a life transforming question, "Can I Really Know God?"

Is God Real?

Romans 1:20

Go Ahead. Ask.
Let's Lean In Together!

We may try to ignore them, but the truth is, they are there, those challenging questions that just keep coming up. This weekend we begin a new sermon series, "Nagging Questions???" where we lean into some of life's biggest questions and go to God's Word for answers. This weekend we'll get started with a study of Romans 1:20 where we ask, "Is God Real?"