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Series: Sounds of the Passion

Life is best experienced when multiple senses are involved. For this year's Lenten series we're experiencing Jesus' path to the cross through what we hear or don't hear long the way. 
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Victorious Voice

Mark 15:37

What does victory sound like? On Good Friday we studied Mark 15:37 & Luke 23:46 and listened to Jesus' "Victorious Voice."

Hateful Hollers

Luke 23:21

Our mid-week Lenten series "Sounds of the Passion" continues with the sounds of Hateful Hollers.

Eerie Echoes

Matthew 27:3-5

What's your biggest regret? As we continue our Lenten series "Sounds of the Passion" we take a look at Matthew 27:3-5 and hear the "Eerie Echoes" that deal with our guilt once and for all.

Singing Psalms

Mark 14:26

We begin our 2018 Lenten worship series "Sounds of the Passion" with our Ash Wednesday message "Singing Psalms" from Mark 14:26