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Speaker: Pastor Nathan Krause

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The Other Judas

John 14:22

What if what you thought you knew was all wrong? Thankfully God is able to open our eyes to see Jesus clearly, like He did with "The Other Judas."

Life or Death (You Choose)

Exodus 1:16-18

There may be a time where you are faced with the challenge of laying down your life for another.If that time comes, remember, you are so valuable to God that He chose you!

Wrangling Donkeys

Mark 11:4-6

The next time God puts an opportunity in front of you, don't be afraid. Know you can do it! You can gain some confidence as you are "Wrangling Donkeys."

A Good Wife

1 Samuel 25:23-27

Abigail was willing to step in to rescue those who did not deserve it. A perfect example of what Jesus has done for us.

Silent Service

John 2:7-11

May we have humble heart to serve when called up, so that Your grace may work through us to be a blessing to others.

A Friend in Need!

2 Samuel 15:19-22

Sometimes as we face a world that seems to be deaf to the Word and ways of God, He blesses us with a Christian friend to walk beside us, just like Ittai walked with David in 2 Samuel 15:19-22.

The Unknown Soldier

2 Corinthians 8:8-15

As we go about our week, God will present opportunities for us to make a difference in the lives of others. Like the unknown man in our lesson today, may our words and behavior affect their lives and, more importantly, their eternities for His glory.

Little Brother

Exodus 4:27-31

Like Moses, we all have weaknesses. And, like Moses, sometimes we need a big brother. Thank God He sent us our true Brother in faith, Jesus Christ.

Everyone Matters

1 Corinthians 12:21-24a

You, Yes You Matter! With God's people, it's not about 1 person or group. All of God's people are united and that means "Everyone Matters."

Don't Forget

Leviticus 23:15-21

Perhaps the best time to celebrate Pentecost is not on Pentecost Sunday, but in those quiet moments when we need to connect with God on a deeper level. To remember who He is and who He made us to be - brothers and sisters in Christ through faith.

The Value of Forgiveness (CG)

Colossians 3:12-14

Christ died on the cross so every one of our sins could be forgiven and to give us the ability to let go of the sins others have committed against us. There is only one way to be truly happy, truly free - practice the godly virtue of forgiveness.

The Value of 40?

Acts 1:1-3

On Easter morning, Jesus did not just defeat death - He conquered life! Let's live like our lives are just beginning.


Psalm 23:6

God will take any mistake we've made, any test we've blown, any sin that would send us straight to hell and, in His mercy, picks us up and says, "I have a beautiful, loving Shepherd who will lead you back into My presence".

A Test of Courage

1 Samual 17:16

Your problems might be bigger than you, but God is bigger than your problems!

Power of Compounding

Deuteronomy 9:25-29

Even when our tests are compounded, God shows that He loves us so much that He compounds His promises - to give us a perfect scapegoat that takes away our sin and the perfect promise of a savior, our Savior, Jesus.

Memory Test

Deuteronomy 8:1-2

God promises that He will lead you and He will guard your hearts. This week - believe God. Because He never goes back on His word!

It is OK not to be OK

Genesis 50:1-3

Even as God's children, we will endure pain, suffering and grief. When we stop depending on ourselves we ultimately find true comfort in no other place than in the arms of our Lord, who whispers to us "It's OK to not be OK".

One of God's Greatest Gifts

Genesis 8:6-12

Often God can send tests to teach us patience, so we stop looking to ourselves and we are compelled to look to Him. He limits our tests to encourage us to look forward to something better, one of His greatest gifts - hope!

When It Just Keeps Raining

Genesis 7:17-24

We are tested on a daily basis so we no longer focus on ourselves and our own strength but shift our focus to Christ and the cross - because He passed the test for us!

Tested (from Cottage Grove)

Mark 1:12-14

40. Testing. Jesus & You.
This Ash Wednesday we dig into Mark 1:12-13 where we see that we can pass the test because our Savior passed it for us!

What Amazes God?

Matthew 8:5-10

We are willing to trust Jesus with our eternities, but when we are willing to trust Him with our earthly lives - it is glorious and we will amaze even our Savior Himself.

Amazing Love

Mark 12:13-17

What could taxes possibly teach us about God's relationship with us? Plenty!

Amazing Rescuer

Mark 6:45-52

Life's storms - we all have them.
There is no better solution than to place our problems in God's hands and allow Him, in His wisdom and love, to send the kind of rescue we need.

Amazing Offender

Mark 6:1-3

Jesus can be offensive... in the best way!

With His words and actions, Jesus can be offensive to us. Through faith, however, we see the beauty of who He is and what He does for us!

Amazing Mercifier

Mark 5:18-20

So Merciful!
As amazing as it would be to see Jesus drive out a demon, what is even more amazing is the mercy that He showed and continues to show us today!

Amazing Healer

Mark 2:8-12

As we wrestle every day with being sinners in a sinful world, Jesus comes and says "I have the cure and I want to heal you". But it doesn't start with our legs, it starts with our hearts. He came to forgive all of our sins.

Amazing Teacher

Mark 1:21-28


When Jesus teaches, it's absolutely amazing! Pastor Krause takes us to an event recorded in Mark 1:21-28 where everyone is blown away by Jesus as He teaches. This lesson kick-starts our new Epiphany series "Hidden Glory." It may not always be easy to see, but when we're tuned in, we can see the glory of Jesus again and again.

Growing Up

Luke 2:51-52

God wants us to grow up and mature, like His own Son did. Humble and willing to submit to the Father's will, growing up spiritually. We can acknowledging that God gives us comfort and hope today!

Deja Vu

Matthew 2:19-23

We've been here before! Pastor Krause compares the history of God's chosen people, Israel, and the life of His Son. We see how God protects Israel and Jesus by sending them to Egypt. With this knowledge, we are encouraged to trust what He is doing for us today!

It's Official (x3)

Hebrews 1:1-3

Our study of Hebrews1:1-3 is structured into 3 "sermonettes" with a hymn sing between each. This video is of the entire sermon as we looks at the 3 offices of God's only begotten Son, Jesus, as the:
1. Prophet (not just relaying the word of God as the Old Testament prophets did) but He is the Word of God).
2. Priest (not giving sacrifices on behalf of others over and over) but as the perfect man and divine priest giving His life as the perfect sacrifice once for all.
3. King (not an earthly king ruling with laws and threats) but son of David, King of the Jews, ruling human hearts with love and mercy.