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Speaker: Pastor Nathan Krause

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The Conquest (Israel)

Joshua 6:15-19

His Victory. Your Hands.
God has won the victory and given it into your hands. It's time to take hold of it!
1) The battle isn't really ours. It's God's.
2) There's a sinister enemy in this world and in our hearts. We get to be part of its defeat.
3) God wins the victory and then places it in our hands. He invites us to join Him.
4) He didn't give us the victory so we could take part in things that are broken. We get to be part of making things right!
5) Jesus won it all by dying and rising. One day He will return when once and for all we see The Conquest

The Rest of the Story

Joshua 6:15-19

Every decision we make comes down to one of two Hebrew words - CHA-REM (abandon my sinful way of thinking and my plans for my life) or KA-DOSH (give God my whole heart, fully trusting the promises He's made). Like God giving victory in Jericho, Jesus came and gave us the victory over sin and death - we get to live in the victory each day!

Sanctified Amram and Jochebed

Exodus 2:1-3

What's Your Crocodile? It's hard to let go and not be in control. But we get to trust God more than we trust ourselves!
1) Are we teaching those around us, including little kids, to live by faith or by fear?
2) The world around us tries to tell us that marriage and children aren't all that important.
3) God chooses who gets to live, not us.
4) Our fears can distract and divide us.
5) What's your crocodile? God is bigger than every fear, every crocodile in your way!

Sanctified Joseph

Genesis 50:19-21

Life is hard. Forgiveness is hard. As we study the life of Joseph, we see what he (and we!) can learn through hardship - 3 Godly life lessons:
1. Humility
2. Perspective
3. Freedom

Sanctified Abram

Genesis 12:4-9

Big Choices!
God has given you the opportunity to make choices and to trust Him as you step forward in faith!
1) God often doesn't take us where we're going immediately. It's a process. He is patient with us. Are we patient with God?
2) Along the way God gives us the opportunity to make sanctified choices.
3) We have more than the promises of God to rest on. We can hang onto the character and nature of God.
4) We are so quick to replace God's ways with our ways. We want God to follow our plan.
5) Fear is not defeated by our good plans but by God's presence.

A New Heart

Psalm 51:10-12

Our Sanctification series continues with a study Psalm 51:10-12.

Growing Up

Philippians 1:3-6

Our "Sanctification" Series continues with a study of Philippians 1:3-6.

Light of Light, Very God of Very God

1 John 3:7-10

The Light For You and For The World!
For all of eternity, God the Father & God the Son have shared a unique relationship. Now God extends an invitation to join in!
1. There's a challenge we all face as Christians. On the one hand, we're God's children. But on the other hand, there's a sinful nature within us that aligns with the devil.
2. Man-made solutions just won't do. The only way to resolve the problem of sin is Jesus.
3. God has chosen us and given us the gift of faith. He makes us born again.
4. Even in a sinful world, God has given us the power to be light and to show love.
5. This world matters to God and so God calls us to be lights in the world.

OK, Let's Try Again

Hebrews 12:4-11

What Ever Christian Parent Wants…
Above all, every Christian parent wants their child to be with God for eternity. Your Heavenly Father wants the same!
1) When life gets rough, we might sometimes wonder if God is angry with us but that couldn't be further from the truth! Jesus already paid for all our sins!
2) Living in this broken world, our default temptation tends to be to question if God really loves us and if He's really trustworthy.
3) God not only knows what is necessary to build up who we are now in Him, but also what is necessary to beat down the sinful nature that fights against us.
4) A parent who lets their child do whatever they want is NOT a loving parent. God IS a loving parent, offering the right correction.
5) Faith is like a muscle. When stretched and worked, it grows!


Joshua 24:15

We have something that this world does not have and desperately needs - God's promise that when we make the wrong choices in life of serving other gods and ourselves, His Son will rescue us and give us back the life we were created to have.

Do The Math

Matthew 13:18-23

Once the Holy Spirit implants the precious seed of His Gospel of love in our hearts, there is also a part for us to do. To take part in the means of graces so our roots of faith deepen into good soil and produce a harvest of peace, trust in His perfect plan.


1 Peter 4:7-11

Don't Settle For Deflated!
When a balloon is deflated, you might still be able to kind of tell what it looks like, but you're not really seeing it as it's supposed to be. The same goes with our lives of faith. The Spirit fills us up so we can begin to see what we were meant to be!
1) We've been rescued from destructive thinking. Now we get to bring what's on our mind to God and have Him reshape our minds.
2) The Spirit fills us with the ultimate, all-in love of Jesus. Now we get to stretch that all-in love out to others.
3) The Spirit has built us into God's house. God lives in us and has chosen to partner with us through giving us opportunities to serve others.
4) Every one of us has a spiritual gift that is to be used to serve others. We can go all-in with these gifts because they come from the Giver, not just from us.
5) Our lives are all about Christ. He made us right with God. He sends the Spirit. He gets the glory!

Keep Trying

romans 8:25-27

The Holy Spirit is the intercessor between us sinners and Holy God when it comes to sanctification. When we are struggling, God Himself knows exactly what we need. The day is coming when we get to live our lives the way we always wanted to - perfectly - so we are encouraged to persevere in our walk of sanctification - keep trying!

In Jesus' Name

1 Timothy 2:8

How does prayer work?
1) Prayer comes from the new man in us. The old Adam is convinced he has it all figured out.
2) Prayer is possible only because Jesus' perfect life and innocent death torn down the barriers between Holy God and believers.
3) Prayer is prompted by the Holy Spirit working in our sanctified lives.
4) Prayer in Jesus' name is a humble prayer, trusting God to answer for the sake of our faith and our eternity.
5) Prayer is answered by God not because we make the request, but because He loves us.
6) Prayer works best when we begin to listen to God and quit talking.

External Challenges to our Sanctification

Matthew 10:16-22

Challenges - When living out our lives of faith (sanctification), we face challenges both from the inside and the outside. Thankfully, God prepares us to face these challenges and even uses them for His purpose!
1) Challenges come at us from the outside because the truth of God's Word is opposite of the ways of the world.
2) Because these challenges are going to come, Jesus tells us to be smart and pure in our thinking.
3) A cross is something we suffer because we believe the Gospel. There are various crosses we will have to bear.
4) When you face these challenges, don't worry. God will speak in you!
5) Sometimes the crosses make us stop and listen to what God has to say to us!
6) If Jesus is leading you then all this will work out according to God's will and plan. It's worth the fight!


1 Corinthians 15:55-57

Before & After
It's amazing the transformation that can take place between when a project begins and when it ends. God has promised that you get to experience the most incredible transformation, "Perfection."
1) Jesus rescued us to give us eternal life and to give us our lives back!
2) Death is scary because we weren't created to die. But God uses death to serve His purpose. When we die, the old sinful nature is stripped away.
3) We live knowing that life will not always be the difficult struggle that it is today.
4) In the same way our spirits are sanctified, our bodies will be sanctified. We will have a resurrected body like Jesus' resurrected body.
5) How would you live if you knew you couldn't die?

Victory View

1 Corinthians 15:55-57

How Do You See Yourself?
Jesus has transformed your future. That means you have a new identity, purpose and life now. You get to live with a "Victory View."

Progress, Not Perfection

Philippians 3:12-14

Because of what Jesus did on the cross for us, we are now perfect in God's eyes. As we live our lives here on earth, however, God does not look for perfection from His broken children, but gives us the opportunity to make progress in our lives of sanctification.

Independence Day!

Romans 7:4-6

When we try to control human beings to live under rules (laws) we find that instead of people's lives and hearts being changed they are filled with resentful and hatred and it further divides us. Living through faith in Christ is true freedom!

How Wishes Come True

John 15:7-8

When we are truly in harmony with what God thinks, when we want what God wants, our lives touch others in the same way as God's love touches each of us.

We're at War!

Romans 7:21-25

There's a fight taking place inside of us. Join the fight because the war is won!
1) The powers inside of us are in conflict. One loves God while the other hates God!
2) The sinful nature always wants to do the wrong thing and is always working against us.
3) If the battle is so hard, we might sometimes wonder, "Why fight?" We fight because Jesus has won the victory!
4) Jesus gave His life so we could have our lives back!
5) Sanctification means that now parts of our lives display what God originally created us for. God empowers us to live for eternity and enjoy life now!

What Would You Do Differently?

Romans 6:11-14

Regrets? We all have them.
Pastor Krause shares some amazing news from Romans 6:11-14. With God's gift of faith and our hope for eternal life, we are now empowered to live sanctified lives through Christ Jesus. We have a second chance - what would we do differently?

If You Want to be Free, then You Have to Let Go

Galatians 5:16-18

Let Go!
There are some things in life that hold us back when the solution is right in front of us. "If you want to be free, then you have to let go!"
1) God's Law is good, but when we look at it the wrong way, it enslaves us.
2) Letting go of the law doesn't mean we throw it all out. It means that because Jesus fulfilled the law for us, we are free to choose to live God's way.
3) Through faith our attitude and motivation now changes. We get to begin to live the way we were meant to!
4) It's a simple formula, but letting go is hard for us to do. That's why we go again and again to the Means of Grace where the Spirit works in us.
5) We tend to try to live good enough lives for Jesus, but the truth is that Jesus has made us good enough, now we get to live!

Sanctification: Not What but Why

Hebrews 11:6

The motivation behind what we do makes a major impact on what we do. That's why it's so important to consider "Sanctification: Not What but Why."
1) Having faith means that we've been given the gift of seeing things differently, seeing things God's way!
2) Our living God's way comes as a direct result of what God does for us.
3) When we were created, it was easy for us to serve God. Sin messed that all up. But God chose to restore that to us.
4) The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of faith in Jesus which means we have new life with God!
5) Sanctification, because it means living life the way we were intended to live, is a blessing to us!

Sanctification is an Action Word

Galatians 5:22-26

"Talking head" is an idiom describing a person who always seem to be informing others or sharing their endless insights, but in reality they never actually accomplish anything. In our study of sanctification we are starting to venture into the action part of the series, that living our Christian faith is just that - living it and not just talking about it.

God's Work Our Hands

Philippians 2:12-16a

God has given a new life of purpose and significance. But it can be hard to live that way when it feels like the world is sucking the energy and power right out of us. Thankfully, God has given us Philippians 2:12-16a, the verses we studied this weekend as we celebrated Mother's Day and Confirmation.

Sanctification in the Wide Sense

John 17:17

The Power of truth.
God's truth has given us life and changes our lives. Dig into how this works by looking at "Sanctification in the Wide Sense."
- Sanctification in the wide sense includes all that the Holy Spirit does in us.
- Sanctification in the narrow sense focuses in on the fruits of our faith.
- Once we lived in darkness and death. God's truth gave us life and called us into the light.
- God protects us from the evil one, keeping us in the faith by the truth.
- The devil is hard at work today attacking even the notion of absolute truth.
- Everyday we battle our sinful nature and face the difficulty of living in a sinful world. But God's Word has power and gives us life!

Sanctification is Not Equal to Justification

Ephesians 2:8-10

As we take the second step in our new series "Sanctification," an in-depth look at living our Christian faith, it's important to recognize the difference between Justification and Sanctification. Pastor Krause lays out the differences with the message "Justification is Not Equal to Sanctification."

What Now?

1 Thessalonians 4:1-7

The Tomb Is Empty - What Now?
So often reality doesn't meet our expectations, but the Resurrection actually exceeds all human expectations! So... what should we do now?
1) Sanctification takes place in us by the work of the Holy Spirit. We were spiritually dead but have been raised back to life!
2) Without Jesus not only are we not saved, we're not sanctified. It all goes back to Jesus.
3) Salvation is not sanctification. Sanctification only happens as a result of salvation.
4) God has saved us and now He gives us opportunities to choose to give Him glory in our lives.
5) When we look for the answer to the question, "What now?" the reality always exceeds the expectation!

Sticks and Stones

Mark 16:1-18

When the Son of God empowered His human body to come back to life it not only changed Him, but it changed us - for eternity! We have a living Savior. What God promises, he delivers!