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Lessons From the Lesser Known

This sermon series is based on people in the Bible we rarely tend to study. Though we often know little about these people, their impact in Biblical history is huge. Our lessons will come from both the Old and New Testaments.
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What Do You Think?

Numbers 27:5-6

Instead of answering... ask... "what do you think?"
It's amazing how much things can change when you approach them from God's perspective!

In The Shadow

John 14:22

Even when it feels like there's a dark shadow over our lives of faith...

...Jesus is able to bring light "In the Shadow!"

The Other Judas

John 14:22

What if what you thought you knew was all wrong? Thankfully God is able to open our eyes to see Jesus clearly, like He did with "The Other Judas."

Life or Death

Exodus 1:16-18

Just as God raised up Shiphrah and Puah to deliver Hebrew babies from the genocide planned for them, God raised up Jesus to deliver us from sin, death and the devil. Pastor Klebig takes us through a lesson from Exodus 1:16-18.

Life or Death (You Choose)

Exodus 1:16-18

There may be a time where you are faced with the challenge of laying down your life for another.If that time comes, remember, you are so valuable to God that He chose you!

Them's Fightin' Words

Mark 11:4-6

When the tension is rising.... may be exactly where God wants you to be! Spend some time in Mark 11:4-6 and see how we get to embrace a life of "Them's Fightin' Words."

Wrangling Donkeys

Mark 11:4-6

The next time God puts an opportunity in front of you, don't be afraid. Know you can do it! You can gain some confidence as you are "Wrangling Donkeys."

A Good Wife

1 Samuel 25:23-27

Abigail was willing to step in to rescue those who did not deserve it. A perfect example of what Jesus has done for us.


1 Samuel 25:23-27

It's natural to point fingers at others, but there's a better way! Because of Jesus, you can take hold of your "Response-Ability."

Silent Service

John 2:7-11

May we have humble heart to serve when called up, so that Your grace may work through us to be a blessing to others.

A Friend in Need!

2 Samuel 15:19-22

Sometimes as we face a world that seems to be deaf to the Word and ways of God, He blesses us with a Christian friend to walk beside us, just like Ittai walked with David in 2 Samuel 15:19-22.

Illogical Loyalty

2 Samuel 15:19-22

It may not make sense at first...
...but it makes all the difference in the world!
There's beauty & power to what may look like "Illogical Loyalty."

Famous For ...

2 Corinthians 8:16-21

What will be remembered? God doesn't need us to be famous but He's also not afraid to shine through us. Go ahead and use that spiritual gift having clear in your mind what God would have you be "Famous For..."

The Unknown Soldier

2 Corinthians 8:8-15

As we go about our week, God will present opportunities for us to make a difference in the lives of others. Like the unknown man in our lesson today, may our words and behavior affect their lives and, more importantly, their eternities for His glory.

Little Brother

Exodus 4:27-31

Like Moses, we all have weaknesses. And, like Moses, sometimes we need a big brother. Thank God He sent us our true Brother in faith, Jesus Christ.

What Would You Say?

Exodus 4:27-31

When God calls you to speak or act, it might feel complicated or strange. But don't overlook the opportunity God has placed in front of you! In those moments ask, "What Would You Say?"

Everyone Matters

1 Corinthians 12:21-24a

You, Yes You Matter! With God's people, it's not about 1 person or group. All of God's people are united and that means "Everyone Matters."

Pretty Ugly People

1 Corinthians 12:21-24a

How does your standard for beauty, value and significance match with God's? God calls us into His upside-down way of living and to truly embrace being "Pretty Ugly People."