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Book: Mark

I Rest My Case

Mark 15:1-5

How does it feel when someone accuses you of something? Pretty awful isn't it? Now consider how often we live like we're being accused. Whether it's in the ways that we suspect that people are unhappy with us or if it's simply the accusations that play in our own heads. But Jesus was also accused. When we look to His response and what He achieved we can have peace and confidence to say to our accusations, "I Rest My Case."


Mark 15:1-15

Love Working Through Injustice
It's tough when we're misjudged by someone. But it was through the greatest act of injustice that we get to experience real love.
1) There is a strong desire for justice in our world today because God placed a desire for justice in our hearts.
2) We'll never achieve true justice by passing a law or digging deep down inside of us because we all have a flawed standard of justice.
3) If we're going to work for true justice we all need to also admit that we stand guilty of breaking God's law and God's world.
4) God tells us over and over again that His choice was to have the innocent One, Jesus, die in our place.
5) Only God can be real justice and through His justice, we are able to experience real love.

do You know me?

Mark 14:66-72

There may be times that we talk and act like we don't know Jesus. But Jesus has always known us. We are totally known and completely loved. It's amazing how everything changes when we ask Jesus, "do You know me?"

Appearances May Be Deceiving

Mark 2:41-44

Looks can be deceiving. Thankfully what really matters isn't how things look on the surface!
1) It's not about what or how much we give, it's about what's going on inside of us.
2) God doesn't need anything from us for Him to be God. He simply wants our hearts.
3) God simply wants us to trust Him.
4) If God is first in our lives, everything else falls into place.
5) It's refreshing to stop worrying about appearances, to know that God isn't about looks, He's about hearts.

A New Perspective

Mark 8:22-26

Blessings in the Blurry
Something can be right in front of us and still we can't see it. Thankfully God can give us a new perspective!
1) People are often looking for the wrong kind of Messiah. Jesus didn't just come to make life a little better. He came to give us eternal life with Him.
2) When Jesus fulfilled a physical miracle, it showed that He was here to do a greater miracle.
3) Jesus knows that sometimes, if He were to give us full sight all at once, it would be too much for us. He knows what we need.
4) We're living in an awfully confusing time. When we find ourselves confused, it is an opportunity to trust God. Let’s celebrate this opportunity!
5) When our vision is blurry, let's focus on what is clear. Jesus came to give us exactly what we need and continues to work according to His plan.

What Are You Seeing?

Mark 8:22-26

Blurred Vision Meets A God Who Sees Perfectly!
We often struggle to see what God is really up to but God always sees exactly what we need and how it needs to be done. Take a look at how God works in our lives as we ask, "What Are You Seeing?"

When the Storm Isn't Really the Problem

Mark 4:38

The Weather...
There is one universal topic you can discuss with just about anybody - the weather. Either it is too hot, too cold, too dry, to wet, etc. Everybody has an opinion about the weather. But the real hot topic is storms. How much rain did we get? Is it going to snow? Did you hear that thunder last night? Storms always get peoples' attention, especially the big ones. But what about spiritual storms? How many of us discuss the spiritual storms we need to weather? This week we have that discussion with our next "I Quit" lesson: Mark 4:38 “When the storm isn't really the problem!"

Victorious Voice

Mark 15:37

What does victory sound like? On Good Friday we studied Mark 15:37 & Luke 23:46 and listened to Jesus' "Victorious Voice."

Cock's Crow

Mark 14:72

Does it sound like guilt or grace? As we continue our "Sounds of the Passion" Lenten series we study Mark 14:72 and learn how the passion of Christ turns what would normally sound like guilt into sounding like grace!

Singing Psalms

Mark 14:26

We begin our 2018 Lenten worship series "Sounds of the Passion" with our Ash Wednesday message "Singing Psalms" from Mark 14:26